A Woman’s Guide for Choosing a Handgun

pink-hundgun-for-ladyEven if you were able to dredge up the courage to walk into a store and ask the dealer about what type of handgun might be best suited for you, chances are you will get the wrong answer. Stereotypes do exist and it is prevalent when it comes to guns, which is considered a man’s domain by most people. This article therefore will try to help you in your quest to find the handgun that will suit you best.

Semi-automatic pistols and revolvers are the top choices when it comes to handguns. Revolvers are easier to operate and are considered more reliable. It has no slide making it easier to shoot when you are in a life threatening situation and your hands are unsteady. Revolvers generally cost less; this is an important factor to consider if you have a restricted budget and they are also easier to clean and maintain.

However, revolvers are quite heavy and bulky and are not suitable for on the body carry. But if you are more comfortable putting your gun in your purse or bag or even in the pockets of your coat or jacket, this might not concern you much. You could also have a hard time pulling the trigger and the recoil generated by revolvers is generally greater when compared to other guns. Most revolver models also do not have a safety catch thus making them more prone to accidental discharge. And single action revolvers need you to cock each round when you fire, making it harder to launch multiple shots.

Semi-automatic pistols are more compact and lighter making them the best choice for concealed on the body carry. They contain more ammunition and could be loaded with less effort. Semi-automatic pistols can launch multiple shots faster with less recoil and their triggers could be pulled with more ease. One of the biggest drawbacks of pistols is that they are harder to maintain and more difficult to clean. Pistols are also more likely to get jammed, making firing a shot impossible if you don’t know how to resolve this problem. And when compared with revolvers, pistols are more expensive.

Both guns have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you to review each detail then decide what gun you like.  To further help you in making your decision, before you buy your handgun, try asking for assistance from women’s gun clubs, they might be able to provide you with a used handgun similar to the one you want to buy and you can test fire it. Furthermore they can also help you with the training you need to be able to use your gun safely and properly.


How to Effectively Conceal a Gun on a Female Body

women-ccwConceal carry is fast becoming the preferred method used by women who feel the need to have their guns with them wherever they go. It is preferable to carry your gun in your purse or bag or on the pockets of your coat since it greatly minimizes the risk of your gun falling on the wrong hands or you forgetting and misplacing it. However, carrying a concealed gun on your body can become uncomfortable, unsafe and frustrating, if you conceal it incorrectly.

Effective gun concealment depends mainly on three factors; your gun, the type of holster you use, and your clothing. When choosing a gun with the intention of using it for concealed carry, choose a gun that is small, compact and not too heavy like semi-automatic pistols and revolvers, whether single-action or double.

 Bigger guns are more bulky and therefore harder to hide in your body and can discourage you from actually carrying them. You should also be comfortable with the gun you choose, it should fit your hand just right and you should be confident you can fire it without fear of recoil.

When buying gun holsters, make sure that you buy ones that are specifically created for your gun, it should hold your gun securely and can be hidden in your body without causing too much discomfort. Another important factor you have to consider is location, and the part of your body you want to hide your gun.  

A lot of women prefer using waistband holsters, either at their back or near their hips. But there are other options, you can use bra holsters with your gun either tucked in the center of your chest or clipped outside your brassiere. Or, you may use thigh holsters, ankle holsters, undergarment holster like bellybands and under wraps or underarm holsters.

Regardless of the type of holster you choose to buy and use, always take into consideration their quality. It is better to invest on an expensive holster than buy inexpensive ones that can put yourself at risk. And if possible, try on the holster first to see if it fits your body properly before buying it.

Clothing also plays an important role in effectively concealing your gun. Your clothes should hide your gun without creating visible bulges and unseemly creases and must not impede you drawing it when the need arises. Needless to say, the type of holster you choose to wear can affect the type of clothing you can use and vice versa.

Waistband holsters can be paired with most clothes, like shirts, summer blouses, pants, skirts and shorts. Thigh holsters can be used when you are wearing skirts and dresses but are not recommended when you are wearing pants. Ankle holsters can be used with pants or long skirts, bra holsters can be paired with shirts and blouses but should not be used when you are wearing turtlenecks or garments with plunging necklines that expose most of your chest area and underarm holsters can be used when you are wearing sleeveless shirts paired with coats or jackets.

Image: Squidoo