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Top 5 Ready-Made Meals for Campers

Cooking is always a question when you are sitting down to plan a camping trip. Where will you be camping, and what are the cooking facilities like? How much food do you want to carry with you? Will you have a cooler and some ice? All these questions have to be answered before you can begin thinking about the menu.

There are times when cooking from scratch is completely appropriate. There are other times when using a small camping stove to reheat ready-made meals is a better option. The beauty of cooking as a camper is that there is no right or wrong. Every camper or camping family gets to decide what is best for that particular trip.

If you are looking for ready-made meals you can heat up using a camping stove, five great choices are listed below. And if you need an example of a good camping stove to get you started planning your next trip, you might want to check out They are a Utah-based company specializing in lightweight, portable camping stoves.

1. Crockpot Pulled Pork

Pull out the crock pot and slow cook a pork loin while you are at work. That evening, pull the pork apart and mix it with some barbecue sauce. Then throw it in the fridge until your departure day. At the campsite, you can reheat the pork in a small pot over your camping stove. Spoon it onto a roll with a little bit of coleslaw, and you have a dynamite pulled pork sandwich.

2. Frozen Breakfast Burritos

If you are a fan of the breakfast burrito, you can cook up a batch at home and then put them in the freezer. They keep surprisingly well. Just make sure to wrap them in plastic wrap first. They can be easily thawed and heated with your camping stove on the morning you want to enjoy them.

3. Meat and Cheese Foil Sandwiches

Assemble a few sandwiches with meat and cheese in then wrap them in aluminum foil. When you are ready to eat, put the foil packages on your camping stove or over the coals on the outer edges of your fire. The bread will toast, the cheese will melt, and you can apply condiments and veggies once hot.

4. Hot Dog Croissants

Hot dog croissants are a fantastic idea. Get some crescent roll dough and a package of hot dogs. Wrap each dog with flattened out crescent roll dough and cheddar cheese. Then wrap in tinfoil. Throw the foil packs on your camping stove and watch what happens. The heat both cooks the dough and heats the hot dog at the same time.

The idea works well with sausage, too. The only thing to be concerned about is making sure the sausage is thoroughly cooked. It may be a good idea to precook the sausage at home so you are only heating it out in the field.

5. Chili

Chili is one of the best camping meals ever because it is so easy to make. Just prepare it in your crockpot ahead of time. Divide it into individual containers for easier serving, then pack them away in your cooler. You can reheat each container on your camping stove or over the fire.

There is nothing wrong with designing your camping menu around ready-made meals you prepare at home before your departure. Ready-made meals make it possible for you to enjoy the tastes of home without having to carry your entire kitchen with you. All you need to enjoy great food is a high-quality camping stove and the ability to start a fire.

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ Review – The Best Portable Fish Finder

For a good kayak fish finder, it is important to consider the best portable fish finder and its feature like the deeper smart sonar pro+. If you are not looking for just some device, then you’ve come to the right place, in this article it doesn’t give you the best option but the best portable fish finder. The Deeper smart sonar PRO+ is budget friendly, offers the best device screen resolution, and easily portable. It is a deeper smart fish finder designed with wireless systems that work in colligation with iOS and Android devices like the iPhones and iPads, and cell phones and tablets running Android 2.3 or more.

The smart sonar Pro fish finder has an application that comes with additional features like the social media, maps, fishing log, weather forecast, fish activity calendar, sonar activities history log, and the camera. It has an alarm that will beep to notify you the location of the fish, the size and the depth of the water. The smart sonar pro’s technology works in depth of up to 130 feet.

It has the Bluetooth connection that allow you to see the information of fish like the water temperature, obstacles, pond bed and the location on the screen of your Smartphone, tablet or any other device with Bluetooth and wireless capability. The dual beam ranges around 90 or290kHz for 15 or 55 degrees respectively to provide a wide coverage with keen information.

This device’s functionality is just the same as they sound. They are tied on the end of the fishing line, tossed and cast on the chosen location. It can also be towed slowly behind the vessel. The deeper smart sonar is waterproof; they can float and activates as soon as they touch the water surface. This round, shaped as a bobber sonar unit that measures 3.5 ounces and 2.6inches. It highlights a few diverse connections so that you can cast it from differing heights.

The unit joins a double recurrence transducer. It can hold the deeper 3.7-volt rechargeable battery that gives up to six hours of running time. The equipment costs $205.99. It is the best of its series because it is equipped with innovative technology that helps you as an angler to have the best experience. There are various advantages to utilizing this smart sonar instead of others. Here are some of its benefits.

The device can be used for ice fishing, boat fishing, kayak fishing and shore fishing.

Battery Life

The battery life is around five and a half hours long. It has more battery life than different sonar. The battery can be adequately recharged in case you have a charger or an outlet. This permits you to fish longer and enjoy your hiking season. It charges in just two hours.

It’s Designed with Wireless Connectivity

This sonar has wireless connectivity and can be utilized on a watercraft in any area. You can fish any place of your choice like the pond, river a lake or the ocean with this quality sonar that has great value. If the water is deeper then the better it is locating your information about the water and the fish. The Wi-Fi connects to your Smartphone so you require to use your and at the same time you are fishing. It allows you to leave your Wi-Fi devices at home to avoid being damaged by the water.

Works in Both Salty and Fresh Water

Some sonar’s are made for freshwater, while others are made for saltwater. You can utilize it in a crisp water lake or amidst the Atlantic Ocean. It will work anyplace on the water doesn’t choose any location.

Has a Built in GPS

This will let you know where you are or how far you are from the land. If the GPS fail without a backup on your vessel or a telephone, then this sonar will get you back securely to arrive.

In Conclusion

It is important to note that the deeper smart sonar will only work with one mobile device and doesn’t work that well with shallow water. It has to be submerged halfway in the water to function properly. Try it today and have the greatest experience with the best portable fish finder.