Ultrasonic Gun Cleaners for Shooters Made Cleaning of Gun Parts Easy


Sports enthusiast and hunters likely make good deal of investment in shooting equipment, guns, pistols and rifles. When you spend quite a few bucks on rifle it becomes important on your part to be responsible with those devices. Routine cleaning after a day out in a shooting field requires maintenance. Manually cleaning will not give you thorough cleaning, the kind of it needs to be after the day used out. But thanks to latest technology and devices such as ultrasonic cleaner which could be the answer to your guns and rifle cleaning solutions after a most fabulous shooting activity.

The reason that the gun parts have to be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaner is, there are some areas of equipment that are not reachable manually. No matter how carefully and accurate you are in cleaning, as well take time in dismantling, cleaning, oiling its several parts; the intensive cleaning doesn’t match to that of ultrasonic cleaners when you use them for your sporting equipment. You can also use them for cleaning brass and other gun parts.

With the power of ultrasonic cleaner cavitation, the cleaning process reaches all the surfaces of the parts in no time, no matter how intricate or how little they are. Sand, oil, sodium, grease, and dust deposits have a tendency to shorten the life of your equipment. So, now it can be taken care of by ultrasonic gun cleaners in a very efficient manner. With the advent of ultrasonic cleaners in the market, it has become quite possible to take routine care of shooting equipment.

The reason these ultrasonic cleaners have prospered especially when it comes to cleaning of guns, rifles and shooting equipment is that the people buy them at very high prices and do not want to take risk in damaging them during cleaning process. Gun cleaning through ultrasonic cleaner is safe in that matter and it makes sure that there is not a single crack, scratch develop on your equipment/parts.

An ultrasonic cleaning system for brass and guns comprises of a generator, a transducer and a tank. The ultrasonic generator gives continuous performance for effective cleaning purpose. It has 3 controls including amplitude to vary the ultrasonic power. The transducer tank provides a good environment for proper cleaning. It also ensures good life time for the machine.

It is very simple to operate the equipment because it comes with the auto timer facility. This ensures that there is no over cleaning processes that may damage the materials kept inside for cleaning. By choosing an appropriate sized machine, adding correct mixture of the cleaning solution and water as needed and correct timer setting will give you efficient cleaning effortlessly.

You can easily find a modestly priced ultrasonic gun cleaner in the market or at any online stores such as eBay, Amazon or at You can pick suiting your needs and budget as they would be varying in shapes and sizes. Cleaning machines such as Hornady, RCbs, Layman, Sonic, etc can be considered when you are planning to purchase one.

Review: Leupold 115387 Mark AR MOD 1 Rifle Scope

Leupold 115387 Review

If you’re looking for a scope that will help you shoot better at long distance targets but cannot afford those ultra expensive high-end models, then the Leupold 115387 Mark AR MOD 1 Rifle Scope may be something that will interest you. Designed by Leupold, one of the leading manufacturers in telescoping sights, this scope will satisfy the demands of the most exacting hunters. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at some of its pros and cons, as well as give you a run down on some of the scope’s best features.

Cluttered Reticle with Illuminated Center Dot

One of the best features of this rifle scope is its reticle. Slightly cluttered, the reticle features an illuminated center dot which does most of the hunting for you. When activated, the center dot makes it really easy for you to pick your target and quickly make your shots.

Equipped with Multicoated 4 Lens

The worst enemy you can face when out hunting is glare. Because light tends to reflect off the surface of lenses, it reduces image quality and makes it difficult for you to hit your targets with accuracy. In a bid to overcome this problem, the Leupold engineers developed their own proprietary superior lens coating system which is utilized in the Leupold 115387 rifle scope. The scope’s multicoated 4 lens keeps image quality pristine by increasing the amount of light that reaches your eye, and minimizes the reflection of light on the outer eyepiece. Therefore, you’ll have a clear view of your targets and surroundings at all times.

Krypton/Argon Waterproof Layer

Another Leupold proprietary technology used by this scope is the 2nd generation Argon/Krypton gas blend waterproofing technology. This gas blend technology is superior to the commonly used dry Nitrogen waterproofing technology in two ways. For starters, Krypton/Argon molecules are larger than nitrogen molecules, meaning they can sustain their attributes over a broader temperature range. This therefore means that the Leupold 115387 rifle scope remains waterproof at all times since the Krypton/Argon molecules are resistant to diffusion and leaking. Secondly, the Krypton/Argon makes the Leupold 115387 Rifle Scope resistant to thermal shock.


  • The rifle scope is lightweight and will not weigh down your rifle
  • Adjustment-making is very easy when you go with this scope
  • Enables you to shoot accurately over distances ranging from 100 to 600 yards (and even more if you’re highly skilled)
  • Turrets are clearly marked with a specific bullet weight and velocity
  • Runs on batteries that are easy to find
  • The reticle’s illuminated center dot lets you know when you’re at minimum and maximum illumination
  • Uses a quantum optical system which maximizes light transition
  • Offers a magnification range of 1.5x to 4x


  • The magnification adjustment ring is a little stiff
  • With a minimum magnification of 1.5x, the scope makes it a little difficult to transition between close targets

What’s In the Box?

  • 1 Mark AR MOD 1-115387 Leupold Rifle Scope, matte black
  • Owner’s instruction manual

Consumer Ratings

With a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon, most of the 20 reviewers have stated that the Mark AR MOD 1-115387 Leupold Rifle Scope happens to be a really good product. Very little complaints have been raised, which speaks volumes about the scope’s performance. To sum it up, the majority of reviewers agree that the rifle scope offers excellent value with a solid and compact construction.


Overall, the Leupold 115387 Mark AR MOD 1 Rifle Scope is a high reliable piece of equipment. Not only is this scope cheap and easy to use, it also offers you a great magnification range. And best of all, the rifle scope makes it easy for you to accurately hit targets that are far off. If you’re planning to hunt game from a distance, the Leupold 115387 Mark AR MOD 1 would make an ideal choice.