The benefits of using night vision scope in hunting

Hunting in the dark can be a fairly difficult task. You may not get a clear view of the animal in low light conditions or your view may be obstructed by the silhouettes create by various objects such as trees and bushes.

Fortunately, there are quite a few ways of improving night visibility. Night vision scopes are one of the best solutions in this regard. These scopes can be used as stand-alone viewing equipment, or mounted on top of firearms such as rifles. In the latter case, they are known as riflescopes.

Using the best night vision scopes offer a number of notable advantages, especially when compared to other night vision technologies such as thermal imaging. Following is a quick rundown of these.

A more natural image

Thermal imaging relies on mapping the heat signature of the target object, and thus making it viewable. Night vision scopes, on the other hand, amplifies the ambient light from the moon and stars to make the scene clearer and the objects more viewable.

As a result, the view you get through a night vision scope is more natural and real than the one you get with thermal imaging. In hunting, this lets you view objects and animals without losing track of the terrain.

Wider Field of View

Compared to most other night vision equipment, a night vision scope offers a wider field of view. This is particularly useful during hunting. A wider field of view lets you keep better track of the movements of the game as well as the terrain in general.

It also lets you stay more balanced and confident in your nighttime movements by letting you take in a broader view of the area around you.

Longer Battery Life

Thermal imaging devices can hog up battery quite fast. In contrast, night vision scopes can last a long time once charged. This is a notable advantage as you are likely to spend many hours outdoors when hunting in the night.

From tracking game to getting close to it and shooting it, you may be using the night vision scope for a considerable stretch of time, possibly many hours. The great thing is that a scope will function perfectly well for many hours on a single charge and you won’t have to worry about the batteries running out in the middle of the night.

More Affordable

Another great thing about night vision scopes is that they are quite affordable. A huge range of such scopes are available on the market and you can choose the one that perfectly suits your hunting needs and preferences. The price tag will also vary from model to model. But in a general comparison, night vision scopes tend to be more affordable in comparison to other night vision technologies.

More Reliable

Night vision scopes usually come in sturdy designs with strong build. To top it, the internal technological structure of the night vision scopes is less fragile than that in thermal imaging devices. So when looking for reliability and durability, night vision scopes is the better bet.

After all, you will be using the scope outdoors for extended periods and it may have to weather rain, dust and drops. A night vision scope is more likely to survive these without incurring any damage.

More weather-resistant

Since night vision scopes really relies on ambient light, changes in temperature will not affect it too much. In fact, most night vision scopes will work perfectly well in a wide range of temperatures. In contrast, thermal imaging devices rely on heat signatures, and their performance may not be optimal in very cold conditions.

Concealed Carry Clothing That Work

Concealed Carry Clothing

Concealed Carry Clothing

It is one thing to have the right to bear arms in our communities, but it is also important that lawful Americans are able to carry concealed weapons (CCW). All states are different with some requiring you to have a license to carry at all and other not. Most if not all states that allow concealed carried guns do require a special license to hide you gun while in public. Let’s face it, we carry concealed for mostly one reason, to be polite to others. This is where concealed carry clothing comes into play. You do not want to have anything that is bulky or awkwardly hanging from the body. That kind of defeats the purpose of concealing your weapon. You want concealed carry clothing that will hide your gun from others but also has quick, easy access in case you ever have to draw.

Whether you are carrying a smaller handgun being used for personal defense, or general security of personal protection, being able to have easy access to it is essential. There are many choices in clothing that can help conceal the vested holster, side holsters, and even ankle holsters. Of course, the type of concealment clothing that is worn will be based on the climate conditions in your area. Out of place clothing will be a dead giveaway that something is being hidden, even with the best of intentions.

In this lens, we will go over some good concealed carry clothing that can be used in the summer, winter and women since they have more options than men.

Please let us know what you use for your concealed carry below in the comment area.

CCW Shirts, Pants and Jackets For Men – Finding what concealed carry clothing works for you

Concealed Carry Shirt

Special made dress shirts, pants, and jackets make great concealed carry clothing for hiding firearms and magazines, depending upon the size and weight of both. The main issues of bulkiness and shifting with regular movement can often be compensated if they are placed appropriately under regular clothing. A new niche clothing line known as ‘covert’ or “conceal carry” has made protecting yourself and family a more fashionable (and comfortable) one. This includes light weight vests and jackets that are more casual wear, the bulky combat wear, shirts with hidden Velcro slats that allow access to the hidden holster below, and small holster that are the width of a full wallet.

Let’s go over some tactical clothing made just for concealing firearms.

Winter Concealed Carry Clothing

Go big and bulky with your WInter CCW

Concealed Carry Coat

Carrying your CCW in the winter is a lot easier for most people. Most people already have a coat, jacket or sweatshirt on. Bulky clothing make it easy to conceal. For winter or heavier outerwear, concealment jackets that resemble flight work jackets have several hidden Velcro pockets that provide the perfect parking places for your firearm and ammunition. While on the subject of Velcro, men and women can get pants that have a breakaway pocket carry feature that will securely holster their gun as well as Velcro attachments for knives, pepper spray, etc. With each pair of pants sold, instructions on proper attaching and positioning of your concealed weapons are included.

Women Concealed Carry Clothing

Women CCW holsters and purses

ccw purse

Women, on the other hand, have a slightly more difficult time with practical concealment of their firearms. Because women’s builds are primarily shapelier than the stockiness of men, it can “advertise” the fact that she has something a bit more involved than a hairbrush. The more fitted and sheer/light weight clothing didn’t help matters. Until recently, women had been stuck with either wearing unisex style clothing or adaptive men’s holsters to uncomfortably hide the fact they were packing. Today, there are compression “underwear” that lies flat against the body truly concealing the shape of their guns and magazines. The compression shorts is a back holster under short that can be worn under any type of clothing including dresses and shorts, lying high and flat against the lower back and above the buttocks for comforts and easy access. The front sling of the thunderwear sits low below the belly while still providing coverage for even low waist pants and shorts. Made from cotton for comfort and surgical elastic for durability, they are designed to last. A tank top with a side holster sewn in near the underarm can also conceal a small gun comfortably and completely.

Concealed Carry Holsters for Women – Options for the ladies

For women who feel more complete or others that may need to carry some additional items with them but don’t want to be bothered with a bag or brief case, a jogger’s conceal pouch can fit the bill to hold your gun as well as other things you need to carry on your body. Here are some ideas.

Women are also known for having “pocket cleavage” that can conceal smaller items of defense such as pepper spray or small guns. They can be attached to either the front or sides of the bra making access very easy. Another concealing device would be the belly bands or under wraps. They are made from the same materials and the undergarment ones and being thin, they can be placed high, under the breast or lower on the body to hide not only the gun and small magazine but other valuables such as credit cards and money. Men have an under wrap that has shoulder straps and a side holster for their piece. So here are some of the best carry conceal options for women.

In Closing

Safety and security is always a concern but one doesn’t want to advertise the fact that have a concealed weapon or look as if they are agents on the prowl. Being well prepared while being practical can be achieved with the right concealed carry clothing.

Don’t forget to tell us what you use to for concealment and how you like it below.