Hunting Slingshots – The History Behind them

Since they require no real mechanism or technology to use, there is often debate as to the history of slings and slingshots so when were they actually introduced? In truth, many historians have seen evidence of slings throughout history as weapons when early man would need to hunt in order to survive. Over time, different variations of sling were used until the mid-1800s when we saw the first slingshot.

In 1839, Charles Goodyear invested vulcanized rubber and this is thought to be the starting point for the modern day slingshot. As we reached the 1860s, the weapon had gained a reputation for being a tool used for vandalism and juvenile activities. With a ‘Y’ shaped body and simple rubber strips, the weapon became a ‘do-it-yourself’ tool.

In terms of slingshots that were made commercial and available to buy, this is thought to date back to around 1918. However, they weren’t really a popular option until ‘Zip-Zip’, the cast iron model, was introduced to the market after World War II. Later in the 1940s, the National Slingshot Association was formed and newer models were coming to market including the ‘Wham-O’ slingshot.

After the formation of the association, new clubs and competitions started to take place across the United States. Suddenly, the reputation of being a weapon for juvenile delinquents was changing as four from every five sales came from men aged over 30 years.

In the fifties, the slingshots improved once again with various additions and changes including bent aluminum alloy rods that formed a brace over the wrist to give support. Furthermore, surgical rubber tubing was used in the ‘Wrist Rocket’ rather than the flat bands that had been used to that point. Since the fifties, the materials used have got stronger and there have been many features that can be added such as sights and different tools.

Due to the simple resources required to build a slingshot, they have also been used as military weapons throughout the decades. As recent as 2002, a propaganda video was released by Saddam Hussein who discussed using the weapon against invading forces. Additionally, slingshots are still used today when it comes to launching unarmed aerial vehicles (UAVs) into the sky. With two crew members as the fork, a big elastic cord will stretch between to launch the aircraft.

Of course, there are many dangers of the weapon if not used correctly and there has been much discussion over the years about their legality. In some jurisdictions, including New York, arm braced slingshots are prohibited and have been made a Class-4 misdemeanor.

As you can see, there has been many developments of the slingshot throughout time to finally reach where we are today with various different materials, sights, and additions to each model!

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Wedding Ideas for the Outdoorsman (and Outdoorswoman)

camo wedding

Photo by Valerie Everett

Many people are fascinated by the outdoors, they are a great open environment which gets you away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. You can be free from your phone and commitment. This makes the outdoors a great place to be wed as you can focus on each other and the memory. Here are some great wedding ideas for the outdoorsman and outdoorswoman in you.

Wedding Locations

There are many great wedding locations for an outdoorsman’s wedding. Anywhere that is away from the city and large amounts of people can be a great place to get married. Being scenic provides a more romantic experience and more beautiful surroundings.
One of the best locations for an outdoorsman’s wedding is a national forest or national park. If you talk with the local park rangers or contact the national park service you can usually arrange to hold events in national parks and forests. These locations are very scenic and will usually have no running water or power. You will have to bring in all of your entertainment, food, and drink.

Another location for an outdoorsman’s wedding is a log cabin. If you do not have your own cabin don’t worry. There are many websites that you can go to to rent cabins. Some state and nation park websites even offer cabins at their locations. Most of these cabins are remote and you will need to plan to bring at least food and drinks to the location. Finding a person to marry you may also require a bit of work as they will have to travel.

shotgun shell center pieces

Photo by Wedding Flowers, Inc

Decorations and Accessories

There are many different ways to add a flair of the outdoorsperson to your wedding’s decorations and accessories. In bouquets add a pink (or appropriate color) spent shotgun shell. This will add a little bit of a flair and you will have fun spending the shells to place in them.
Create a base for your cake out of antlers. This will lift your cake off the table showing it off more but it will also add an extra level of decoration to your cake.

There are many websites that you can order custom cups and/or glasses. Find a customization website that you like and order glasses with designs from the outdoors such as animals, antlers, trees, and flowers. These will go well with the tables after the wedding.
Bowties. Every gentleman needs a bowtie, they are a sign of elegance and sophistication. Contrary to popular belief outdoorspeople can be sophisticated too. Select bowties for the groom and his party that have an outdoor theme. Think camouflage or animal hide/leather or even an American flag.

Camouflage clothing can also help add to the outdoors theme. You can have a tailor create both a tuxedo and dress out of matching camouflage so that when the bride and the groom finally come together and kiss they will blend in with each other.

Outdoorspeople Camo Wedding Rings

camo wedding ringAre you looking to add an element of the outdoors to your wedding rings? Getting wedding rings that show an element of the outdoors will not only show your commitment to each other but a commitment to a hobby that you both enjoy.

Camouflage wedding rings are a good way to show your inner outdoors person. Just don’t take it off in the woods. Camo wedding rings can be found on the internet and at stores. They come in a wide variety of patterns such as Real Tree or Mossy Oak.

Tungsten wedding rings are also a great option because they set you aside from other wedding rings. The tungsten wedding ring is also more subdued and won’t reflect as easily when you are out in the woods hunting or camping.


Have fun with your outdoorsperson wedding and don’t forget the beer!