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3 Best Bang For Your Buck Compound Bows of 2018

Well, it’s the new year and the new 2018 compound bow models are being released to the general public. Every year, bow technology gets better and better allowing for lighter, quieter bows.

The cost of compound bows have went up considerably over the past 10 years. They can run you well over $1000 today. Though they are worth it, many people can’t afford to put out that type of cash for a compound bow (including myself).  Today, we are going to cover the best bang for your buck compound bows of 2018. We will cover the top bows of 2018 in another post soon. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

PSE Stinger X (Best Bang For Your Buck Compound Bow)

PSE Stinger X Review

The PSE Stinger X is a good choice if you are looking to keep the price down but get a top quality compound bow at the same time. Coming from PSE, you can feel confident in the quality of a brand that has been around since the beginning.

Made from machined aluminum, this bow is light and versatile with your needs. The riser has a 32.5 inch axle to axle length in conjunction with PSE’s pre-loaded quad-limb design signature X-Tech which does a great job of silencing the recoil while also working to eliminate the pesky cam lean.

This bow comes with four different package options, in many different color options and two draw weight options.

PSE Stinger X Options

  • Handed: Left and Right hand options
  • Draw Weight: 70 or 55 pounds
  • Colors: Kryptek Highlander, Mossy Oak, Charcoal, Purple, Muddy Girl, White, Black, Lime Green
  • Buying Options: Bow only, Ready to shoot (basics), Field Ready (comes with everything)

PSE Stinger X Stats

  • Brace Height: 7 1/8th
  • Draw Weight: 55 or 70 pounds
  • Axle-Axle: 32.5″
  • Speed: 316 to 308 Feet Per Second
  • Let-off: 75%
  • Weight: 3.8LBS
  • Length of Draw: 21″-30″
  • Limb Turns: up to 15

Final Thoughts

The PSE Stinger X may be the best compound bow for the money. If you have all the accessories getting the bow only is very cost efficient. The price can double if you want it field ready.

Bear Wild

Bear Wild Review

The 2018 Bear Wild Compound Bow is the next one on our list. Bear is known to have compound bows in all price ranges. But the Bear Wild is no slacker. In fact, I would just about put it up there with the PSE. Being about $100 more expensive, the Bear Wild comes with some accessories that some others don’t. However, it does lack some of the customization that you can get from the PSE Stinger X.

Bear Wild Bow Option

  • This is a ready to hunt bow package
  • Handed: Right and Left handed options availible
  •  Sight: Trophy Ridge 3-pin
  • Arrowrest: Whisker Biscuit
  • Quiver: Trophy Ridge 5-arrow
  • Stabilizer: Trophy Ridge
  • Sling
  • Peep sight
  • Nock Loop

Bear Wild Bow Stats

  • Brace Height: 6 1/4″
  • Axle-Axle: 32 1/4″
  • Speed: 310 FPS
  • Letoff: 80%
  • Weight: 4 LBS
  • Draw Length: 24″-31″ (adjustable)

Final Thoughts

The Bear Wild compound bow is a good bow. The options are lacking but comes with everything needed besides arrows. This would be a good choice for someone who doesn’t want to spend a bunch of money and wants everything ready to go out of the box. You can’t go wrong with this choice.

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Review

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro sports more of a traditional style compound bow look. Don’t let the look fool you. It is made of machined aluminum keeping the weight down but still giving it solid action. The 2018 Diamond Infinite Edge Pro has some pretty big redesigns from older models. The draw length has been extended, the cam system has been redesigned, added a solid back wall and added a stabilizer.

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Options

  • Colors: Black, Mossy Oak and Pink Blaze
  • Comes ready to hunt
  • Sight: Apex 3-Pin
  • Arrow Rest: Hostage
  • Quiver: Octane
  • Tube peep sight
  • String loop

Diamond Infinite Stats

  • Brace Height: 7″
  • Axle-Axle: 31.5″
  • Speed: 310
  • Letoff: 80%
  • Weight: 3.2lbs
  • Draw Weight: 5-70 lbs (yes, good as a beginners bow for younger kids up to advanced)
  • Draw Length: 13″31″

Final Thoughts

Being priced just above the Bear Wild, the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is worth every penny. It is a step up from the Bear and is versatile so it can grow with the hunter. The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro would be a great fit for someone small, a teenager that is still growing and smaller ladies that may need to drop the draw length/weight lower than usual.


So, when looking at all of the compound bow choices out there, the most import things to consider are: arrow speed, axle-axle length, limb construction total weight and cam system. Most companies come up with their own cam systems. Just because they look aggressive doesn’t mean they are better. This affects arrow speed and smoothness which cuts down on recoil noise.

By looking at all of the above factors, you will be able to find a list of the best compound bows you will love and that will last you years to come. With that being said, the above three bows are some of the best choices and gets our notation for best bang for your buck compound bows of 2018.

The benefits of using night vision scope in hunting

Hunting in the dark can be a fairly difficult task. You may not get a clear view of the animal in low light conditions or your view may be obstructed by the silhouettes create by various objects such as trees and bushes.

Fortunately, there are quite a few ways of improving night visibility. Night vision scopes are one of the best solutions in this regard. These scopes can be used as stand-alone viewing equipment, or mounted on top of firearms such as rifles. In the latter case, they are known as riflescopes.

Using the best night vision scopes offer a number of notable advantages, especially when compared to other night vision technologies such as thermal imaging. Following is a quick rundown of these.

A more natural image

Thermal imaging relies on mapping the heat signature of the target object, and thus making it viewable. Night vision scopes, on the other hand, amplifies the ambient light from the moon and stars to make the scene clearer and the objects more viewable.

As a result, the view you get through a night vision scope is more natural and real than the one you get with thermal imaging. In hunting, this lets you view objects and animals without losing track of the terrain.

Wider Field of View

Compared to most other night vision equipment, a night vision scope offers a wider field of view. This is particularly useful during hunting. A wider field of view lets you keep better track of the movements of the game as well as the terrain in general.

It also lets you stay more balanced and confident in your nighttime movements by letting you take in a broader view of the area around you.

Longer Battery Life

Thermal imaging devices can hog up battery quite fast. In contrast, night vision scopes can last a long time once charged. This is a notable advantage as you are likely to spend many hours outdoors when hunting in the night.

From tracking game to getting close to it and shooting it, you may be using the night vision scope for a considerable stretch of time, possibly many hours. The great thing is that a scope will function perfectly well for many hours on a single charge and you won’t have to worry about the batteries running out in the middle of the night.

More Affordable

Another great thing about night vision scopes is that they are quite affordable. A huge range of such scopes are available on the market and you can choose the one that perfectly suits your hunting needs and preferences. The price tag will also vary from model to model. But in a general comparison, night vision scopes tend to be more affordable in comparison to other night vision technologies.

More Reliable

Night vision scopes usually come in sturdy designs with strong build. To top it, the internal technological structure of the night vision scopes is less fragile than that in thermal imaging devices. So when looking for reliability and durability, night vision scopes is the better bet.

After all, you will be using the scope outdoors for extended periods and it may have to weather rain, dust and drops. A night vision scope is more likely to survive these without incurring any damage.

More weather-resistant

Since night vision scopes really relies on ambient light, changes in temperature will not affect it too much. In fact, most night vision scopes will work perfectly well in a wide range of temperatures. In contrast, thermal imaging devices rely on heat signatures, and their performance may not be optimal in very cold conditions.