Hunting Tips

Tips for Buying Deer Hunting Land

Herein we will explore the most important considerations when it comes to buying deer hunting land for sale.

#1. Location

For the most part, this point is straightforward and simple enough to understand without much explanation. The land you purchase should some distance away from the city, but not too far that you need to take a flight or spend the whole day on the road. Consider travel costs when making your purchase.

Our recommendation is to look for land that us about 3 hours from your home. With such distance, you can leave early in the morning before daybreak and set out for hunting before sunrise. Importantly, you can comfortably get back home after the hunt. Being able to get back home is important if you have not yet built a cabin on the land.

In the same light, you should ensure there are accommodation facilities such motel and hotels in close proximity to your land, should circumstances forces you to stay overnight. For instance, when you have to track a wounded animal. Take a look at this surplus database for hunting land for sale

#2. Land Layout

On the land layout front, you should consider the traffic pattern of humans using the land as well as the traffic pattern of deer. If you plan to add a cabin on the property, ensure you have a level spot that is dry as well to build the structure.

A good location for your cabin is on the roadside of the property. Such a location will negate spooking deer as you drive into and out of your property. It makes little sense to build your cabin in the middle of your property unless your priority is beyond hunting.

Additionally, you should think of adding food plots in your property. As such, ensure machinery can access parts of the property you want to add the food plots.

#3. Food

Deer need a supply of food and water all year to not only survive but also thrive. For deer food, you should know that it is much easier to work with what you got rather than trying to add such resources after purchasing the land. Planting these food resources will cost you extra.

Individuals interested in whitetail deer hunting should look for perennial wood plants, leafy vines, low hanging trees, brushy shrubs and other types of bush-style vegetation. These food resources form the largest percentage of the deer’s diet.

For fruits, you should look for hickory that produces nuts, oaks for their acorns, berries and other fruits that grow across the U.S. Thereafter, look for plants that farmers consider as herbaceous and weeds. Such plants have broadleaf’s and produce flowers. The food resources the land should have is grass and grass-like foods. Finally, there should be foods farm fields or food from food plots.

Photo Credit: Mossy Oak

#4. Water

Water is crucial to have in your deer hunting land. However, it might be a necessity if your neighboring property has water. Nonetheless, you can dig wells and set up ponds in your land if you want to provide deer with access to water within your land. Keep in mind that you will incur the cost of hauling the water to the pond. If that is the case, you must factor in such costs while purchasing the land.

#5. Cover

Deer take cover during the daytime. Thick swamps, tall grasses, and heavy bushes offer excellent cover. However, if the property lack such resources, you can hinge cut small trees. Hinge cutting is the process of cutting a tree 4 feet above the ground and leaving the felled tree attached to the stump. This will create a cover for deer if the property consists of a lot of open fields.

That said, you should note that deer love the pine-needle bedding and low-lying branches. Swampy sections of land with tall grass will also attract deer as they love to lie down on such environments.

#6. Game Sign

Finally, you should look for signs that deer do come to the property. Droppings, trails, and buck scrapes are good signs of deer presence. Keep in mind that deer might only be traveling through the property. They might be feeding in one property during daytime, moving through the property during nighttime, and lying in another property the following day.

If you can set up trail cameras before buying the property, you get a better idea of the deer movement during the day and at night.

New 2018 Crossbows: Get Ready to Pay

Crossbows have been available for years. With more and more states allowing the use of these tools during hunting seasons, they are becoming very in-demand by many hunters. It was just a short time ago where many states didn’t allow crossbows to be used or had a very short crossbow season. This is changing, every year more states are allowing them to be used throughout bow season. If you currently use a compound bow, or think a crossbow is more like a firearm, I suggest reading up on the differences. If your not sure of your local laws on using a crossbow, I recommend checking out our post called Crossbow vs Compound Bow. We list every state’s law as of 2/26/2018.

Today, we are going to take a look at some noteworthy additions of the newest crossbows of 2018.  As you might imagine, you can expect to drop some large bills on the newest crossbows with not many budget friendly options.

Parker Crossbows

Parker Crossbows Concorde

The 2018 Parker Concorde is one of the more top of the line crossbows. It is created for the hunter not worried about dropping some real cash on quality. Expecting to pay around $1,100, you get the mackdaddy of crossbows.

With that money, you get many perks with the Concorde. Having a C02 powered cocking system, it would make a great options for someone who doesn’t have the strength to draw and cock/uncock a powerful crossbow.

With over 300 fps (feet per second) bolt speed, your game will feel that hit. Makes for longer/stronger shots.

The Parker Concorde come with:

  • The crossbow of course
  • Nine once CO2 bottle (empty) which is good for 50 cock/uncocks when full
  • Premium scope: Red Hot
  • quick-detach quiver
  • 4 bolts (with field/practice points)

Parker Thunder Hawk IR PS

Another new option from Parker is the 2018 Thunder Hawk. You can expect to pay less than the Concorde but not budget friendly by no means, you can expect to pay around $850 for this bundle.

Just because it is cheaper doesn’t mean it is lacking in quality, just options. You will be lacking the CO2 cocking action on the Thunder Hawk but you also save $300! This crossbow makes it up with power, firing bolts off at a rate of 325 fps. It also featured the G2 Bull-Pup trigger for a very consistent pull every time.

The Parker Hawk IR PS bundle comes with:

  • crossbow
  • Red Hot Illuminated optic
  • Quick-detach quiver
  • Hog velocity bolts by Red Hot
  • Red Hot Roller Rope
  • Red Hot CrosssPro 100 Broadheads
  • Sling
  • Hot wax and lube kit
  • Crossbow case

2018 Parker Ambusher IR

The next 2018 Crossbow released from Parker is called the Ambusher. Don’t let the name fool you, the Ambusher IR has a bolt seed of 325 fts, a draw weight of 135-160 and is well balanced for easy shooting. You will find the  Ambusher IR as one of the better deals from Parker crossbows. However, it is lacking some “toys” as the more highly priced above.

The Parker Ambusher comes with:

  •  Crossbow
  • Red Dot Illuminated MR Scope
  • Quiver
  • 4 bolts with field tips

Reference: Parker Crossbows

2018 PSE Crossbows

Being one of the oldest names in the bow industry, PSE has one 2018 crossbow release worth mentioning which happends to be budget friendly.

PSE Insight

The PSE Insight is a budget friendly crossbow geared towards newbies wanting to start shooting a crossbow but doesn’t want to drop a crap load of money. I need to mention that this crossbow is not a choice for hunter, but to shot at targets. It would be a good purchase for kids wanting to shoot but will not be hunting.

Shooters will be throwing bolts off the PSE Insight crossbow at 160 fps, you can see why this is not made for hunting. Designed for young beginners, the PSE Insight only weighs about 4.5 pounds. Set up in a way to teach young shooters their way around a crossbow and how to handle them safely.

The PSE Insight comes with:

  • Bow
  • Cocking rope
  • Wax
  • Four bolts
  • Quiver

Reference: PSE


If you have not been using crossbows, you may not know the name TenPoint but they make some quality stuff.

TenPoint Renegade

The TenPoint Renegade has a supersonic arrow speed of 355 feet per second. Made with weight in mind, it weighs in at 7 pounds. Good for younger hunters along with veterans to the hobby. Costing around half of the Concorde, it makes for a semi-budget friendly kit.

The TenPoint Renegade comes with:

  • Bow
  • Pro-view 2 Scope
  • Three Carbon bolts
  • Quiver

Reference: TenPoint

My Thoughts

Above are some of the most popular new bows for 2018. To check out the list and compare released bows, check out comparison of crossbows.

As you already know, someone can spend some big money on 2018 crossbows. 2018 releases are geared more towards the higher end equipment and there is not much out there for someone looking for a budget friendly packages. If you are looking for something to start out with and will not drain your wallet, I suggest checking out some 2016-2017 models. If you are looking for the latest technology to give you that edge, 2018 offers some pretty big upgrades.