Fishing Weekend Using the Single Hookbait Approach

With the weekend starting to close in, it was time to put my work boots away. It was time to think about heading out to the local lake for a round of fishing. While I was deciding whether or not to do it, I received a call from my buddy across the pond, in France. He mentioned the beautiful fish that were caught over the past week and how it was time to join in on the fun. Without hesitation, I was ready to go and knew it was best to head out as soon as possible.

My Mini Getaway

I rushed home after a gruelling Friday at work and made sure to prep as best as I could. This meant taking out my wonderful Nash Dwarf kit while also making sure the equipment was ready to go (i.e. my Nash Scope Bivvy). The planning stage went by without worry and quite quickly, I was ready to head out on a 2-hour trip on the Eurostar for a mini carp fishing holiday in France with accommodation, which had me all giddy inside!

Setting Up

As soon as I arrived there, I knew it was a great decision as I spoke to the local anglers and their opinions on the fish. They were making the same claims as my friend stating there were plenty of fish. However, I noticed not a lot of them were heading to the bottom of the lake and only seemed to be focussed on the top end. This is when I started moving around as other anglers set up their overnight positions. I wanted to make sure my point of view was unobstructed and I was able to prepare for a good round of fishing. This is when I positioned myself closer to the centre of the lake as it provided a great view. I learned a lot from the local anglers. While talking to them, I also made sure to focus on what was in front of me even though the lake was quiet. I knew it was a risk to set up where I did but it also came with a big reward if it paid off. It was sometime around this point in the day when I noticed a fish jump out. It was closer to the other end of the lake. This is when I made sure to prep because it was time to dig in.

The Wait

As soon as I got to the place where I had seen the fish jump out, there was a massive amount of water in the area. I knew this was all mine because no one was anywhere near me. They were all focussed on other areas. I was trying to stay as calm as possible while making sure my approach was a success. This is when I knew it was time to use bait as a way to draw the fish in. I ended up using the Nash Ctiruz pop-up because it was going to work better than the other options. I also went with the Cray pop-up at the same time for my right-hand rod. As I set these up, I was ready to settle in and wait until something locked in. It wasn’t smooth sailing as most of the night went without action. The few bites that were made didn’t work out at all and petered out quickly. I still felt confident about what was happening and felt it was only a matter of time. This is when I put up the new bivvy and sat back.

The Result!

It wasn’t until the next morning when I started to see a change in how things were going. There were a few questions about whether or not the fish were there but I had to keep going. I didn’t have to think long because the left-hand rod locked in. It was time to take action because there was a considerable amount of pressure on the other end. I had to negotiate through the weed beds while making sure there was enough pressure to keep the fish in place. While it wasn’t the biggest fish in the world, it was still a great catch because I was looking at a zip linear. It was one of those situations where the weekend trip did end up working out as intended. I had a lot of fun and the catch was good!

Locating Reasonable Prices on Great Marine & Boat Products doesn’t have to be Frustrating

So, you have been boating and fishing most of your life and no doubt consider it a vital part of your lifestyle. Likely believe this leisure activity to be a part of who you are, it’s in your blood. Not only is fishing and boating a great way to relax and hang with friends and family but let’s face it, it’s a whole lot of fun.

A lot of fun, until the boat breaks down and you have to shell out the big-bucks to get her fixed and back in the water. After all, as the old saying goes… the word BOAT is not really a word at all… it’s an acronym, meaning ‘Break Out Another Thousand’. Or ‘Best Obsession After Thirty’. Or ‘Bankruptcy on a Trailer’. Or ‘Bend Over And Takeit’. You get the point. Many experienced boaters also refer to a boat or seafaring vessel as a ‘hole in the water that you throw money into’.

Not only can boating, yachting and anything marine related can be costly, but then there’s the time to locate the marine or boat parts and supplies needed. Seems so simple on the surface but not in reality.

And if you have to get someone to actually do the repairs, well, let’s just say, it compounds the issues, doesn’t it? Friend of mine’s dad had a boat named ‘Bout Two Weeks’ because he said every time he asked how long a repair would take people would tell him ’bout two weeks.

But the good / great news is locating reasonable prices on great marine & boat products doesn’t have to be frustrating. FINALLY, there is a resource for sensible and reasonable prices on a massive selection of beneficial and practical boating and yachting products, supplies, accessories and parts you will actually use. While this place has been around for nearly 17 years, they are really stepping up their game with a newly build online store.

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And as far as prices are considered, ya’ just got to ask yourself why aren’t more companies offering sensible prices on marine goods? Regardless, at least the guys at Panasia Marine & Boating Products Supplies Accessories are doing so.

Hey let’s face it, marine products are often unique – to deal with the harsh conditions of being surrounding by water – and sometime salt water – often splashing directly on the item. So, it’s certainly understandable that the items would have to be encased better, be stronger, more durable, etc. yet that’s not excuse for the crazy gouging-style prices we have become accustomed to.

At Panasia Marine & Boating Products you will pay what they refer to as “sensible & reasonable prices. And while the difference can be slight to enormous, we applaud them for at least addressing the issues that we boat-lovers care about and need.

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