What to Prepare for a Successful Fishing Trip With Kids

Kids nowadays, with their endless technological options for fun and entertainment, sadly, don’t find the outdoors too attractive as compared to video games like Fortnite . If you’re struggling to pry them off of their phones and computer screens then a family fishing trip would be a fantastic way to cultivate their passion for outdoor adventure. It’s a beautiful way to spend some quality time with your kids and most kids would love the experience of pulling their very own fish out of the water (if they catch any).

Why “if they catch any”?

I say this because kids would like to be able to catch something to call it a success. But as adults, we all know that fishing isn’t about catching a fish, it’s all about the trip; the practical lessons we learn from it like patience and persistence, the feeling of belongingness to this world that only nature can provide and best of all, the time for us to relax – to detach ourselves from the stress of daily living and technology.

Dad and son fishing

We’d like our children to have fun and enjoy their fishing trips and the first step to doing this is to encourage them. So here are the things to prepare for to make you and your children call their trip a success:

  1. Food and Drinks: How much you will carry depends on how long the trip will be and how much you can carry but remember this, your kids’ and your appetite will be enhanced by the sea air and water activity so be sure to take as much as you can. Be sure to bring in nuts and seeds too as they’re a great way to pass the time while waiting for something to reel in and/or while exchanging stories. Here’s a few examples:
  • Homemade Beef/Deer Jerky
  • Almonds/Sunflower Seeds/Peanuts
  • Granola Bars
  • Lots of Water
  1. Quality Clothing: Probably the most important decision to make for fishing trips. You don’t want your kids to shivering when it’s too cold or scalding when it’s hot. Here’s what to bring depending on the weather:

Cold Climate

  • Rain Gear: It’s easy to get soaked especially during a heavy downpour so  be sure to buy quality rain gear like the Wallrest Poncho to keep yourselves dry
  • Heavy Jacket: heavy jackets are life-savers especially after a cold snap and comes handy during a long morning boat ride
  • Socks, Hats and Gloves: It’s recommended you get insulated hats and gloves and possibly wool socks for additional warmth as it’s important to keep your feet, hands and your head warm not to freeze out there.

Warm Climate

  • Hat and Sunglasses: It reduces the glare of the sun against the water which allows you to spot fish easier as well as protect your face, neck and ears from the harsh sun
  • Sunscreens: Basically, these protect you from harmful UV rays and a sun burn which will be a problem when you’re nowhere near a hospital
  • Rain Jackets: These allow you to continue with your trip in any case of a downpour rather than turning back and spoiling the whole trip. Buying a Wallrest or a pair of Frogg Toggs will do the trick.

  1. First Aid Kit: It’s always recommended you carry an emergency kit to treat minor wounds such as cuts, scratches, insect bites, and headaches. Don’t forget your medications if you’re taking any.


  1. Equipment: It’s a fishing trip and it can only be successful if you have your rods, reels, lines and lures with you. These are the basic pieces of equipment every fisherman should have. One tip though is to provide your kids with easy-to-use equipment – there are a variety of simple poles available which are designed specifically for kids at a young age.

Fishing at Work? Fishing Games!

I travel a lot for work and get bored very easily on a plane. There is never room to get my computer out to work without making the life of my neighbor miserable. I find myself on my phone playing games most of time in the air.

When I have a slow day at home, I find myself fishing while working lol. That is on on the computer of course! You can find many online fishing games by doing a quick search. Today, I ‘m going to share my favorite fishing games that eat up my time.

Let’s Fish

Let’s Fish offers 40 locations and over 400 species of fish to catch right from your phone. You can set up and customize all your gear and lures and keep them for future games. Though the app is free, it does have in app purchases which I do not use. It can be found in the app store and Google Play.

Gone Fishing

Gone fishing is another fishing game I play at times. It is a little more cartoon like but has some great features. This game has tasks you need to complete within the game which makes it more challenging overall. It also connects to Facebook so you can battle against some fishing buddies.

Fishing Paradise 3D

Fishing Paradise 3D has went through some updates recently and they have upped their game. You can get into the thickets pull yourself out some monsters. As of writing this article, there has been over 20 million installs of this game and for a good reason. It offers multiplayer so you are able to play against other real people including friends.

Small Online Games

If you are board and don’t want to download games to your phone or computer, there are plenty of games to play online. You visit the website and play right there. No need to download anything. They are usually not as realistic or graphic hungry as downloaded games, but they are fun. One other noteworthy piece of information is, you cannot save your progress or gear on online games. They are just time wasters if your board. So if your not wanting to download anything or just looking for a simple but fun fishing game to play online, here is a small list of my go to games.


Fishao is a small easy to play fishing game played online. Fun to play when you have a little time to waste but don’t want to jump through all the hoops.It is a cartoon like game that doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out. Give it a try, you will enjoy it.

Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing is another online game from the above link that I play. It is more realistic than games like Fishao and to be truthful, about the best graphics one can expect from playing online through a website. I recommend if you have some time, check it out. It starts quick and fun to play.

Forest Lake Fishing

The Forest Lake Fishing online game is another fun one to play around with. More realistic than Fishao, but maybe not as much as Sport Fishing. It doesn’t take a lot of computer resources to play but gives you the thrills of catching some fish.

Fish Crunch

Have a bored kid at home? Fish Crunch is a fun game to let your kids enjoy. It’s easy and fun. I have found myself playing it more than once. It’s a little goofy but I giggle a lot!

No matter what game(s) you end up with, fishing games can give you something to pass the time when you have time to waste. Time to waste, yea right! Okay, let me rephrase that, they can give you something to do when you have a few minutes, sitting in your hunting blind or the fish aren’t biting on the lake. If not for you, it will give your kids something to do while out.

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