Stun Guns and Tasers: Three things women need to know


Most women remember the moment they realized that most “boys” were stronger than they are. They remember the sense of injustice they felt about most boys/men having this huge advantage over most girls/women. Most wondered why the world was so “unfair”. But, if girls are lucky, they soon learn that attractiveness and sensuality can go a long way learning how to interact with boys and, later, men in healthy and meaningful ways. Nonetheless, the fact remains that women live their lives at a physical disadvantage in terms of strength. Stun guns and Tasers are two simple means to self-defense. While there are some disadvantages, the advantages are still strong enough that women may want to seriously consider using a stun or Taser gun.

A stun gun, also called a Taser, delivers an electric current to the attacker that temporarily incapacitates them by paralyzing their muscles. The idea is that the “stun” will last long enough for a woman to get to safety before the effect wears off.  This is true in many cases, but women still need to have several game plans in their toolkit. Always have a backup plan no matter what self-defense strategies are used. Here are three key things women need to understand about using a stun gun in self-defense:

  • ·         Stun guns need to make contact as close to the skin of the attacker as possible.  Tasers usually use a propelled dart, or have wires that need to have contact with the perpetrator. The good news is that if the current is applied optimally, there is an excellent chance a woman will be able to escape danger. The bad news is if an attacker is wearing heavy clothing, or is a very big guy, the effect of the Taser will not be enough to incapacitate him. This means that even though a stun gun/Taser can be a great tool, women need to have a back-up plan just in case they are not able to get the close contact they need.


  • ·         One or Two Zaps Is All There Are. Unlike a traditional firearm with multiple rounds, a stun gun/Taser has one or two shots. Thus, if for some reason a woman needs more, there are not any. A stun gun/Taser is a good tool to use in the daytime or at a situation at night when she has all of her wits about her. If she is compromised by drugs, alcohol or by being awoken from a deep sleep, she will probably not have the accuracy of aim needed. So again, a woman needs a backup plan. As with most gadgets, there are various models of Tasers and stun guns. Some have the ability to hold three “zaps”, but then the Taser is quite large, heavy and difficult to conceal. Be sure to research the models that will do best in anticipated situations.


  • ·         Buying a Taser May Require Red Tape:  All Taser or stun gun purchases require a background check of the buyer. This is true even if you buy one from a private party. Further, depending on where you live, a Taser may be considered a concealed weapon and require a license.

There is no question that a Taser or stun gun can be a great asset in times of distress. But they are not totally “plug and play” either. Training is available on YouTube and in classes everywhere. Be sure to practice shooting from 15 feet, and 10 feet so that you get the feel for how the gun acts and so you know how close you need to be to the attacker for optimal incapacitation. With a little preparation, women will find that stun guns are a great tool to have.

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