The Perfect Fishing Trip

In April myself along with three friends took a fishing trip to Lake Cumberland to do some Stripe Bass fishing. We have had planned this trip a year in advance so you know that we were ready.

We had our weather gear (remember this for later), plenty of beer, cigars from my online go-to shop JR Cigars and seasoning for our catches.

After our GPS got us lost on our way down, we finally reached our cabin around midnight. By the time we got checked in, unpacked and starting our long weekend of beer drinking we didn’t get to bed until well after 3.

5:30am came early but everyone was up and ready to go, Getting to the marina 20 minutes early we found our captain fueling up and about ready to go. Since he was supplying everything needed, we came only toting a cooler of beer. We knew it rained a lot but didn’t expect the heavy debris floating around the lake. Since it was before sunrise we had to idle all the way out until our captain started to read some fish. I believe our first line was out around 7am and we were on the stripe bass out of the gate.

Our captain was getting some calls from other boaters and was telling us that the debris was not letting them troll and they were having no luck what so ever. Sucked to be them because we killed them for about an hour, two of the four of us got our limit and the other two each got one keeper by the end of that stretch. Our captain then told us that he thought that we should be catching more and that he wanted to troll. Since we couldn’t because of the debris, he asked if we could cut our first day trip short by an hour. In return he would take us out that evening free of charge so that we could troll. I must say that it was a very cool thing to do. On most cases, it is what it is. If the weather or fishing conditions are not good then you still pay. This makes sense because it cost to have a boat out. But our guide wanted us to not only catch our limit, but he wanted to to have a great time. So we agreed 🙂

Once back at the cabin, we fried up out catch (a story for another time) and hung out until 4:30. Back in the boat by 5:00 we were already lit and ready to go. Since the debris got pushed back we were able to troll and we all maxed out with some nice fish. By dusk we were barely standing, worn out and ready for bed. Next morning we were back up at 4:30 and on the boat by 5:30. I’m glad we did so good the day before because the sky opened up with a steady rain on our last day.

Now above I told you to remember that we all brought our rain gear. Well, being hung over, only one guy actually remembered to get it out of the car. Three hung over guys mostly hiding under the cover, one guy wearing Frogg Toggs catching all the fish! He maxed us all out again that day. I did not mind kicking back watching though 🙂

Even though we had a rough start and a rainy last day, this was still a perfect trip. Good friends, good cigars and plenty of fish. How could it have been anything besides perfect.

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