Making a Stove Out of a Log- A Cool Way To Cook on Your Next Camping Trip

So a buddy of mine found an idea this year to try out at his hunting camp. He sent me a couple pictures and I was intrigued. I did some searching around and could not find much information on it but decided I will be trying it this year while camping.

I have seen it called a “Log Stove” “Bush Stove” along with a couple other names. Basically, you take a log that is about knee high and use a chainsaw to cut slits in it 3/4 of the way down the log. Stuff it with lighter fluid soaked paper and light. Burning from the inside out it makes for a very cool way to cook while camping.

Check out the video below. I think these guys got it to hot. I asked my buddy and he said theirs did not burn nearly as hot as this one. They had a nice slow burn. Once done cooking they kicked it over and they had the fire for the night. Done right, it will burn for a couple hours.

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