2013 Lake Cumberland Fishing Trip

Lake Cumberland Map

In just about 2 months my buddies and I will be taking our yearly fishing trip down to the beautiful Lake Cumberland. This large lake is known for all kinds of good fishing, but we go strictly for Strip Bass.

With parts of the 65,530 acre reservoir over 200 foot deep, it is set up to be able to support a healthy population of large strippers along with many other type fish. Lake Cumberland is man made and was created for flood control and power production. The Dam was built in 1952. By doing this, Lake Cumberland has turned into a fishing dream for people like me.

We usually rent a cabin at Jamestown Marina and get a guide from there though, we might venture out ourselves this year. Guide service is pricey, but not too bad if 5 guys go and split the cost. We are learning the lake pretty well, guides are recommended for newcomers to the lake.

At Jamestown, you will find cheap cabins, a hotel and every size boat you can think of. Heck, one guy has a full size helicopter on boat and flies it around the lake. Houseboats and pontoons can be rented.

Once loaded up, we head out before the sun comes up and bottom fish for strippers. You can quickly catch your limit if you know the lake and know where to go and when. After the sun comes up we usually change over to large and smallmouth bass fishing until mid afternoon when we pack it up and head out to eat and relax for a while. We are back on the boat before dusk for our evening fishing. We usually troll the waters trying to limit out a strippers again to finish off the night.

After a day and a half of fishing, we take the 2nd part of the day to filet our catches and pack with dry ice for the trip home. Worn out and a lot of good stories to tell, we head home and wait until the next trip is made, remembering, storytelling, and planning.

And that my friend is how I see our 2013 fishing trip to Lake Cumberland to look as well. Keep an eye in the forum for pictures once we get back.


Keep you lines wet and stay safe.

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