Camping: Fun In The Great Outdoors


No matter what your destination may be, the right information will make your next camping trip more fun. This article will help prepare you for a camping trip of a lifetime, and inspire you with some great activities. The information will be appreciated when you learn that you need it later.

When you’re camping, always look for shelter prior to dark. Once the sky becomes dark, finding a good spot for your tent, necessary firewood and food preparation become near impossible. It can be even more difficult for those who are not accustomed to trying to see in complete darkness. Don’t get into this situation, look for proper shelter before you get to this point.

TIP! Always bring extra clothes and food with you when you go camping. It is smart to do this, in case something unexpected happens.

Take a bandana or handkerchief with you. It can be used as a hand towel, potholder or even a gag in a pinch. There are countless other uses for such items, so try your best to remember to bring a bandanna or a large handkerchief with you.

Always take sufficient amounts of sunscreen. Guarding your skin against the sun is important. Seek out a sunscreen that has sufficient SPF protection. It would be even better to get a sunscreen that also has bug protection. When you go camping, you won’t want to have a lot of chemicals on you.

When using a public campsite, be courteous to others by turning off your lights at night. You’ll find some people leave awning lights all night long. This is annoying to others and not necessary.

TIP! It is important to take even greater care storing food if you are planning to travel to an area with active and dangerous wildlife. So, you will need to keep things wrapped well, keep them far removed from the tent, and you may need to steer clear of certain foods entirely.

Follow proper food safety guidelines when you go camping. Make sure to pack your foods in airtight containers. Keep cold foods in ice in insulated containers. Keep your raw food away from cooked foods. Handle food with clean hands, whether you bring sanitizer with you or soap. Make sure that you cook all foods to appropriate temperatures, and then chill them as soon as you can.

A well stocked first aid kit is absolutely essential to any camping trip. Include all the items you would require in the event of a mishap. Your personal first aid kit needs to contain pain reliever, bandages, splinting materials, snake bite treatments and wound dressings. Accidents happen even when precautions are taken.

Don’t forget the duct tape when you pack for a camping trip, to solve just about any dilemma! You can use to help seal leaks and rips and hold together important things that break. It can hold your shoes together if they fall apart, and you can even use it in case of emergencies for a temporary bandage or sling.

TIP! Take along your lint! You may think this is odd, but lint makes a terrific campfire-building aid. Twick and wood chips just can’t compare to the bright flames of a handful of dryer lint.

Consider taking a CPR and first aid class. This is especially important if young children are traveling with you. You will have all of the medical knowledge you will need in case of an accident. Make sure you do the proper research. Be aware of poisonous flora and fauna, as well as of what sounds animals make.

Beef jerky and trail mix are two camping staples you should always bring with you. After a long and tiresome day, you may want to eat these nutritious snacks instead of cooking. Also, these foods keep well so if you don’t eat them, you can enjoy them later.

The lint from your dryer’s lint filter will help you start a campfire. Collect some lint from your clothes dryer to bring with you. Place the lint you normally throw in the trash in a plastic bag to take with you. Just grab your bag of dryer lint and go on camping day.

TIP! It’s imperative that you locate a safe place to camp and pitch your tent before the sun goes down. Find a safe place to park if you’re in an RV.

Seal all your tent’s seams. If your tent doesn’t have it, you may purchase a tube at a sporting goods store. Sealing the seams of your tent will prevent any insects or water from getting inside.

Decide what clothing you will need before you make your trip. Make sure you’ll have clean clothes to wear every day. Be sure to also carry clothing that is weather and climate appropriate on your trip. You should also have a pair of hiking boots or some other type of durable, protective shoe.

Make sure your cell phone is fully charged before leaving your car or campsite. Bring extra batteries in case the first one dies. The cellular phone can be a lifesaver, so it is important to ensure its viability throughout your journey.

TIP! Always pack some form of water purification tabs. These can be used if you run out of water that you have taken along or if you fall short on time to boil water that you have collected.

Keep in mind that you, your family, and everything you take with you is probably going to be dirty. Preparing for this in advance can help reduce the stress when it does happen. Part of the whole camping experience includes allowing yourself to get dirty. You can clean up when you get back home.

Camping can be an activity that many people will enjoy. The information provided in this article will help you plan a camping trip that everyone will enjoy, whether they like the outdoors or not. Get outdoors and explore the many beautiful sights that Mother Nature provides.