Best Fly Rods for Your Spring Trip

As Spring approaches, we are seeing our calendars fill with plans for our next fishing trip. We dream of the record breaker that we could hunt down. We talk with our favorite group of fellow outdoorsman about trips gone by. Then we start planning and packing our best fly fishing gear.

Waders, Check. Dry flies and nymphs, check. Beer, check. What about that fly rod? Beginning to wonder if you need a new 2013 option? Maybe you need a softer more sensitive fly rod for a small stream in Wisconsin. Maybe you are looking for a better salt water fly rod…

Let us help! We have selected a top 5 list of fly fishing rods from our website that you can consider. These are just some of our selection. And, we carry everything else as well!

#1 Sage Response 2015-490-4 Fly Rod

At Sage, the never-ending mantra to improve performance is on full display in the all-new Response series rods. The combination of proven tapers and premium materials has resulted in this family of notably smooth casting, fast-action fly rods.

#2. Ross Essence Elite Fly Rod Outfit (5-Weight)

The Essence Elite fly fishing outfits are designed for anglers who want the convenience of purchasing an all-inclusive fly fishing package but demand the quality of premium specialty products. $289

#3Hardy Marksman 2 #6 Fly Fishing Rod (4-Piece), 9-Feet 6-Inch

The Hardy Marksman 9-feet6-Inch #6 fly rod for Stillwater and big river fishing. Easy loading medium action provides superb line control with a fast recovery cast. Subtle traditional fit and finish with an olive green blank. $479

#4 Scott S4s Fly Rod

Fly Fishing in saltwater is evolving. Leaders are longer, tippets finer and fly sizes smaller. Add to that incessant winds, flat light from clouds, and competition from other guides and anglers, and the saltwater game is as challenging as any in fishing. $ 725

#5 Scott F2 Series Fly Rods

If you want top performance and maximum fun from your small stream fishing, F2 high performance glass rods are the choice. These aren’t about nostalgia or being retro. F2 rods are about getting the most from your small stream fishing by using the right tools for the job. These rods form precise accurate casts with just a few feet of line and the leader, are great for underhand and bow and arrow casts, and load deeply under the pull of small fish, transmitting tons of feel. Improve your success and enjoyment on small water with the new Scott F2. $625

As Norman narrated in A River Runs Through It;

In our family, there was no clear line between religion and fly fishing.

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