Using Circle Hooks

While on a fishing trip a couple years ago, the captain of our charter was using circle hooks on the set ups for us. Though we were fishing for stripe bass, I thought they would work good for catfish as well. I decided to pick some up and give them a try.

Circle Hooks

Circle Hook: Amazon

Circle Hook: Amazon

I checked at my local Walmart and they had the Octopus hooks but no circle. I have found that Octopus hooks do pretty good as well but not as good. I found some circle hooks on Amazon HERE at a good price so I pulled the trigger. Some of the larger sizes are more Octo style but I use them as well.

A circle hook is designed to let the fish hook itself in place of needing to set it. This in turn helps with missing a lot of fish, and I mean a lot. I still have the tendency to set it just to make sure it is in deep (plus that is half the fun).

These hooks can be used on all types of fishing. Like I said above, I learned of them while fishing for Strip Bass. After picking them up I mainly use them for catfish. Some use them for large mouth bass, I usually throw plastics for bass so I have not tried them for that. Basically, if you are fishing any still baits, a circle hook can be used as a deadly option.

Fishing Stripe Bass with a Circle Hook

I learned the hard way that using circle hooks while fishing for Strip bass can be challenging. I had to get over the whole setting the hook. Strip bass have a razor sharp gill plate that can cut your line when trying to set it. When fishing Strippers,keep your bail locked and in a pole hole holder then let the fish take your bait and run. This hook will move to the corner of the mouth and dig in deep. You just start reeling.

Fishing Catfish

Catfish work much like stripper when using a circle hook. Let the fish hook itself by placing you pole in a holder and closed bail. Once you get that hit, it will lock into the side of the mouth. It will not hurt to set the hook a little deeper with a good jerk. Then just hold on for a good fight.

What are you thoughts on circle hooks?

Let me know in the comments if you use them or do not like them. To each his own and like everything in life it is a personal preference. So what do you fish with them? How do you like them and why?

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