Buck Fever – Bow Shooting Workout: How To Get Ready

Photo Credit: http://www.northamericanwhitetail.com

Photo Credit: http://www.northamericanwhitetail.com

It has happen to all of us. Sitting there when a big buck comes walking up on you. You start to breath heavy, start shaking, sweating and then… HOW DID I MISS THAT SHOT! or even worse, he heard me because I freaked out! You start to yell at yourself, feel like an idiot and trying to figure out how you are going to tell your friends how it went down while trying to save face.

It has happen to about everyone I know that hunts. You can take steps to help you prepare for this and help you overcome missing that kill shot due to breathing heavy and shaking. Here is a workout that you can practice. If a step is to much for you then replace it with something that you can do but that will make you get that heart beating. You want your blood flowing and breathing heavy trying to make your body to react as it might when you have a big 10 pointer standing in front of you.

1. Get your target set up in a safe place so there is nothing behind it.

2. Get your bow with arrows in quiver and place it a comfortable yards away from target. maybe 15 or 20 yards. You want to set it up to mimic a shot you would see out in the woods.

3. Stand next to bow and do 25 jumping jacks, then pick up bow, take a deep breathe and take a shot.

4. With bow in hand do 10 squats then, stand up straight and compose yourself by taking a deep breathe and then take another shot. Set down bow.

5. Run around house (or in place long enough to get you breathing heavy), run back to bow, take a deep breathe and take another shot.

6. Run to target and pull out arrows and run back to bow. Take a deep breathe and take another shot.

7. Drop down and do as many push ups as you can in about 20 seconds then stand up and take two more shots taking a deep breath between shots.

You get the idea here, you want to get worked up. You want to be shaking a little from the stress on your body. By pausing and taking a deep breathe you are teaching yourself to relax and prepare for the shot putting any anxiety to the back burner and putting you in control of the shot.

So how do you get ready to deal with buck fever?

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