Locating The Right Flashlight To Meet Your Needs

many_top_flashlightsWhether you are going fishing, hunting or just hanging around the campsite after dark; it is a really good idea to take along a flashlight that can light way if you stray to far off. Of course everyone first goes for whatever flashlight is around the house at the time and for the most part it can be better than having nothing at all. I have found over the years that not every flashlight is built the same nor is every flashlight right for the task at hand either. It really depends on what you need the flashlight for when you are looking for a great one to meet your needs.

When trying to decide on the best flashlight you should make sure to give thought to things like power usage, size, price and other features like that fact it is brighter than a pen light; but then again you might just want 10 lumens of light. All of these factors certainly do contribute to finding the right torch and I have put together a few tips that can help narrow the selections down to 2 or 3 choices for you. For more in depth info about choosing the right flashlight, check out Amazon for survival flashlights.

Choosing A Flashlight Tip #1

Altering the Intensity

When it comes to modern day flashlights among the most common features is the intensity adjustment. Individuals that need to have certain illumination needs are who these flashlights were designed for. A feature you possibly might want in a standard household flashlight is adjusting the intensity of the light, because it’ll end up costing you less. However, this feature will give you the light power of plenty different flashlights in one.


Choosing A Flashlight Tip #2

Range and Output

Regardless if you are making use of your flashlight for hiking, outdoor camping, hunting, security or for protection, the output and the range of the illumination is unique for each situation. The distance of your light beam might not be of such since it would be used for backpacking or for outdoor camping. Lumens is the standard in the field to determine intensity. The common household flashlight will be roughly 10 to 100 lumens. In addition to the lumens, how clean the beam will be and the specific distance the light can travel is what the manufacturers will tell you. Campers and hunters may find this feature useful.


Choosing A Flashlight Tip #3

The Settings of Operation

Your flashlight’s settings are made up of a few different modes such as high, medium, low, strobe, SOS. Depending on how you use this flashlight, especially in the backwoods, you might want to consider a flashlight with a few of these modes. It would really be a bad thing to find out your light went out only a few hours in to the dark because you had it on high power the whole time.

Choosing A Flashlight Tip #4

The LED Flashlight Bulb

The old flashlights didn’t use to put out a very bright light ( Maglite 2 D) and didn’t last that long either because they all used incandescent bulbs. A flashlight that uses a LED bulb is always a good idea. You can get about 10,000 hours from the best LED flashlight before it needs to get replaced, and they put out a beam that’s a lot brighter than incandescent bulbs.

Choosing A Flashlight Tip #5

The Size of the Flashlight

When you’re ready to choose a flashlight the weight and the size of the flashlight are 2 things you should think about. When you choose a tactical flashlight you have to make sure it’s very lightweight because you’ll most likely be carrying around other kinds of supplies with you too. You can look for a blend of a less heavy flashlight that has the lumens you will need.


Choosing A Flashlight Tip #6

Normal and Rechargeable Batteries

When you are looking for a good flashlight that meets your needs it can be hard to choose between run time and battery. Several flashlights use battery power more quickly as opposed to others, and it really depends if you wish to buy more economical batteries that will only last one time versus the higher priced rechargeable batteries that can be utilized many times over. You’ll be capable of using various sized batteries in the flashlight when you find the best rechargeable flashlight.


Side Note – The new tactical style rechargeable led flashlights are more expensive but give a good bang for the buck in the long run.

Choosing A Flashlight Tip #7

The Expense of the Flashlight

It depends on your budget as to the sum you can spend on your flashlight, but that doesn’t mean you ought to step out and select the largest flashlight you can find. Do your best to get the most features for your budget by comparing all the different features we just outlined above. Regardless if you are a professional maintenance man, in law enforcement or an avid outdoorsman and require a flashlight for survival, maintenance or safety, including the best features and remaining in your budget will ensure you get the most for the sum of money you spend.


Bottom Line:

Not every flashlight is going to fit every need you may have. Just like finding the right gun and ammo, not every one is right choice for every animal. Take your time and look around. Sometimes it helps to buy a few to try out and then return those that don’t hold up to your standards.

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