If You Can’t Hide from a Wedding Ring, Wear Camo

Defy tradition and wear what’s in your blood. If you don’t traditionally wear rings or you want something different than the standard silver or gold death pact ring, then you might want to consider picking something that represents you.


Put the smack down on traditional gold or silver wedding rings with outdoor and camo rings that are a little bit country, a little bit rugged, and display a whole lot of love for your outdoor lifestyle. These rings were exclusively designed for passionate outdoorsmen, hunters and serviceman, like you.


You’d wear camo everyday if you could so display it proud with one of these outdoor and camo inspired wedding rings. Forged from titanium, cobalt chrome, vitalium or black zirconium, these contemporary metals won’t scratch, bend, discolor, tarnish or irritate like gold or platinum might. They are built tough and are fully prepared to take the beating of normal wear and tear


Mossy Oak and Realtree Camo

You won’t believe how good camo wedding bands look in person when they have officially licensed camo actually anodized onto the metal. These high quality rings are made with a super durable, high heat process that withstands normal wear and tear better than camo dipped rings that commonly end up chipping.


Vitalium Military Camo Rings

Made exclusively from patent-pending vitalium, you can get a camo laser engraving on a metal that look like white gold and platinum but withstands scratches and oxidation better than cobolt chrome, titanium or tungston. These camo rings look really awesome with the black laser etched pattern against the white metal.


Natural Wood Inlay

Exotic hardwoods offer a distinctly rustic, natural, and cool wedding band.Wood inlay veneers look truly polished and one-of-a kind…and you’ve got to admit this is perfect for you. These cool, vivid patterns are made from veneers that are put through a process of high pressure layering and added material that actually causes it to be more durable, water and scratch resistant than natural wood rings.


Tire Tread Rings

Get dirty with these mud slinging tire tread rings for the auto, truck. motorcycle or 4 wheeling enthusiast. Milled to rugged perfection from tungston, titanium, cobalt chrome and black zirconium.


Fishing & Hunting Rings

From animal tracks, to hunting scenes, deer heads and antlers, fishing hooks and fish.. these cool rings should not be overlooked. Everyone is talking about camo making a unique wedding ring but these are pretty cool too.

For more info about these rings, visit Camokix.com to check out all their wedding rings inspired by animal tracks, hunting scenes, wood and of course, their most popular camo rings. All are exclusively geared toward passionate outdoorsmen, hunters and servicemen and women who are walking down the aisle or celebrating a special occasion.

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