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gun safety

Ensuring your safety, and the safety of those around you is of paramount importance whenever you are handing a gun. Whether you only occasionally use a gun, or regularly use a shotgun or rifle for clay pigeon shooting, hunting or field sports, it essential to ensure that your weapon is services on a regular basis and that any minor damage is repaired quickly and by a qualified gunsmith.

If your gun is used regularly remember to have it serviced at least once a year.  This is often overlooked by many who don’t have the money or think of it as an unnecessary cost.  Consider this preventative maintenance just like that car you own.  Your gun will last much longer if it is regularly services and repaired by a quality gunsmith. 

Shotguns and rifles contain metal parts which are often under stress and guns are often used in wet conditions.  It’s important to have your gun cleaned regularly; regular lubrication and checking for faults is important too.  Servicing your shotgun will identify weak, worn and loose parts that may cause your gun to fail when you need it most, and qualified gunsmiths can carry out gun repairs for you.

There are many common problems that cause the precision of your gun to cause inaccuracies.  The bridge can become loose and hand pins later lead to a cracked stock.  Loose bridle pins lead to broken swivels or tumblers.  Dents in the barrel can cause stress leading to rivaling.  Mushroomed or worn strikers can lead to misfires which are very dangerous.  You wouldn’t want a misfire causing bodily harm to a family member or friend.  Water can cause rust to gun mechanisms.  You can identify any of these problems during a gun cleaning repair and this will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Here are some tips for gun servicing.  Wash out your gun and re oil the gun.  Choose an experienced gunsmith who will perform a complete annual service and fully strip, clean and overhaul your gun.

Remember to do research before you buy any type of sporting rifle or shotgun too.  Take a class that is offered so you know and understand the law for having a permit to carry a gun.  Hunter safety courses start at 12 years old in the United States and the UK has very strict gun laws so it is important to find out what the laws are before purchase.  Most gun dealers will require a background check and a waiting period before you are allowed to purchase a gun.  Laws vary in different countries, so it’s always best to check local laws.

With careful consideration of your purchase, regularly maintenance and checks, plus annual servicing by an experienced and reputable gunsmith, you should be able to safely enjoy your weapon for many years to come.

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