A Review of Top 6 Rifle Scopes 2014

When you are out on a hunting expedition, you need a reliable companion. Besides a useful firearm, hunters require a good quality scope. Often people like you and me are looking for equipments that would be useful during the hunting expeditions. We look for quality, affordability and high performance. However, it is just a personal opinion that a hunter must never compromise on quality. Out in the woods you are dependent on your hunting gear and a rifle scope is one of the most important equipments. Here I have listed a list of top 5 rifle scopes in 2014.

1. Bushnell ET6245F Elite Tactical ERS

It is perfect for professional hunters who want to enhance their rifles. It is surely among the best rifle scopes in 2014. With it you will get from 6 to 24x magnification for the 50mm lens. It is even fitted with anti-fog technology so you can shoot accurately in any conditions.

2. Nikon M-223 BDC 600 8489 3-12x42SF

When you are looking for precision and proper aiming qualities, then this is the right choice for you. It is packed with high level BDC 600 reticle and a characteristic aiming point that ranges from 100 yards and up to 600 yards. With this an open circle and a good eye relief makes it more comfortable for the users. Moreover, it comes with coated optics that minimizes the amount of reflected light by more than 90 % and a wide range of magnification levels.

3. Carl Zeiss Conquest MC Riflescope

Carl Zeiss is popular across the globe for its high end products. Its customer service is quite impressive and the present user reviews will tell you that the customers are quite happy with this brand. It helps users to overcome the spectacle of fogging, due to its nitrogen filling, while the coating embedded with the MC Conquest feature enhances light transmission.

4. Pulsar Digisight N550 Riflescope

For those who are looking for hard duty rifle scopes, then Pulsar Digisight is the one for you. It is made with modern technologies that will provide accurate viewing range. The images seen through the lens are clear and detailed. This clearly ascertains that the quality of the lens is top class. Finally, the Pulsar’s illuminator that comes embedded in the model and it can zero its scope with 1 shot.

5. Nikon Monarch Riflescope

Nikon Monarch is a highly qualitative rifle scope. It is available in robust construction and has features that protect it from water, fog and any shock what so ever, thus enhancing its effectiveness. Moreover, it has the ability to magnify objects that are seen through the Ultra ClearCoat lens up to 9 times. For accurate shots choose this Nikon model.

6. Nightforce Benchrest

Nightforce has been in this business for a long time. This brand stands for high level of performance. Since 1993 Nightforce Benchrest has won many world records for being one of the most effective rifle scopes in the world. These Nightforce rifle scopes are some of the most impressive optical devices in the industry. Packed with outstanding lenses, these Nightforce scopes have a 56 mm multi-coated objective lens that results in great resolution. These are perfect for long range hunters.

So next time when you are looking for rifle scopes check out these scopes in details.

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