Ice Fishing Jig Manufacturer Donates Jigs to Non-Profit Organization with “4 D One” Program


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South St. Paul, Minnesota – February 10, 2014 – Ice fishing is a sport that has been around for thousands of years.  Although now, technology has helped improve ice fishing techniques, the main task remains the same.  Now one Minnesota-based jig company, Jig Mania, has started a program called 4 D One, fishingjigfeature10which allows Jig Mania to donate one jig for every four purchased.

The 4 D One program works with a non-profit based in Saint Croix Valley, Wisconsin called Fishing Has No Boundaries.  This non-profit organization brings people with various disabilities out on a fishing expedition for a couple days to allow them to fish and experience this one-of-a-kind sport.  For every four jigs purchased from Jig Mania, the fifth will be donated to Fishing Has No Boundaries.

Jig Mania jigs are designed, created, smelted, cast and hand painted in Minnesota.  For nearly 20 years, these jigs have been manufactured in America.  These one-of-a-kind jigs are perfect for both ice fishing and open water fishing.

Jig Mania sells both individual jigs and pre-sorted kits for easy ordering.  Jig kits that are pre-sorted are specially created for fish types including Walleye, Steelhead, Crappies, Panfish, Perch and more.  Shoppers can even create custom kits.

4DONE__1The 4 D One program is a great way for anglers to both purchase necessary fishing supplies and support a great cause.  A single purchase of the Walleye Jig Kit adds six jigs to the donation box.  When shoppers purchase the All Purpose Jig Kit, 15 jigs are added to the donation box. 

Fishing Has No Boundaries allows those with disabilities experience the thrill of fishing.  This simple task of purchasing jigs from Jig Mania is incredibly impactful.  One of the best things about Jig Mania is that the owner, Paul Gustafson, makes a pledge to each and every customer.  That pledge is simple, “Love’em or Return’em.”  Paul says, if you don’t love’em – return’em and he will refund the purchase price and shipping BOTH ways. Since most of the jigs are purchased on the company’s website,, he wants your purchase to be risk free.

Gustafson and Jig Mania want to support their community, which is why they have started this 4 D One program.  Supporting this non-profit not only allows customers to support a great program by buying jigs they would have bought anyway, but also from a company with a risk-free purchase guarantee.  Purchasing from Jig Mania is truly a win-win experience.

For more information on the 4 D One program or to start purchasing jigs today from Jig Mania, visit


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