Gascoyne Murchison Outback Pathways: Guidebook Your Ticket to the Australian Outback

outback pathwaysOne of the most satisfying things to do is to take a drive through the Australian Outback. Whether you are a tourist or a native Aussie, the Gascoyne Muchison Outback is a source of natural wonder and great activities. The rocks in the Gascoyne Murchison region are over 2.7 billion years old.  Yes, BILLION. It is a truly an unbelievable experience that will force you to contemplate your individual role in a huge universe. Past travelers mention the sense of awe and timelessness felt in places along the drives listed in the Guidebook.

As you drive the Outback Pathways you will feel astonished by rock formations, rich red ranges and impressive granite boulders. Granite is the most common rock in this area and you will see it most obviously in Greenstone. The Guidebook provides copious details about lodging, trails, wildlife, plant life and more. Here is a summary of the main travel destinations of the Guidebook.

Wool Wagon Pathway: If you are looking to experience the cliché outback adventure, this is the location for you.  Truly, this self-guided drive is the paragon of outback experiences. You will be able to see gorgeous vistas and horizons and the awesome night skies are jaw dropping. Truly, there is nowhere like this anywhere in the world. During this drive, you will pass through some of Australia’s famous sheep and wool territory that is world renowned. Wool Wagon Pathway is located 1160 km, from either Geraldton or Yalgoo, via Murchison Settlement and Gascoyne Junction to Exmouth. To complete this self-drive tour you should allow about 4 days travel time.  The Gascoyne Murchison Outback Pathways Guidebook provides specific details about landmarks, places to eat and stay, gas stations, shopping, museums and more. Wildlife and plant enthusiasts will appreciate the detailed explanations about what you are driving through.

Kingsford Smith Mail Run: This drive follows the path of one of the earliest motorized transport ways in Australia. This path is that of Charles Kingsford Smith and his buddy Keith Anderson who in 1924 started the Gascoyne Transport Company with one truck and a prayer. Smith had been a commercial pilot and used this business idea to finance his dream of flying across the Pacific. One of his first clients was the mail-run from Carnarvon to the Bangemall goldfields. Today, you can follow along his original route while you enjoy seeing beautiful gorges, sea shell fossils, photo museums and more.

outbackMiners Pathway:  This drive follows the innovations of Robert Austin who saw early on that this entire area of the Australian Outback contained valuable minerals. Once his vision caught hold, this area became one of the most active during the gold rush of the early 1900s. American travelers will enjoy comparing this with facts and events from the American Gold Rush in California.  It is possible to drive the Miners Pathway in either direction but past travelers recommend you start in Payne’s Find and travel north up the Great Northern Highway, through Mt Magnet and Cue to Meekatharra. Once you are here, the Miners Pathway goes south-east to Sandstone, then west back through Mt Magnet to Yalgoo and finally south-east again to complete the journey back at Payne’s Find.

These drives are one of the best ways to experience Australia. Great for families, they are a source of natural contact that soothes the soul. The locations and towns have many attractions. Between hiking, bird watching, photography and astronomy, the Guidebook will provide you with everything you need to maximize your Australian Outback getaway. 

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