Turn Your Hunting Land Into Deer Magnets With Food Plots

Find Wisconsin Hunting Land For Sale.

Find Wisconsin Hunting Land For Sale.

To deer hunters, find food sources for whitetailed deer is one of the best ways to target them. Find the food sources, and set up your stands on trails between the food sources and the thicker cover used as bedding areas. Ambushing the deer as they travel to and from the feeding areas is an excellent strategy that many hunters employ with great success.

But not all hunting land is created equal. In many agricultural areas of the midwest, the feeding areas can be easily defined as corn crops, soybean etc. And hunting land which bumps up against these crops can make finding ambush spots relatively easy. For some hunters, the property they hunt may not be near any agricultural areas. Deer may feed primarily by grazing on marsh gras or cruising the forest floors for acorns. With food sources so spread out it can be more difficult to pattern the deer to get that shot at a real trophy buck.

Baiting deer is an option is some areas (illegal in many states like Wisconsin though). But the problem with baiting is the big bucks quickly learn to only hit the bait piles at night. The same goes for salt licks. There’s no sense baiting or putting out salt licks to attract big bucks after shooting hours.

Luckily, food plots have evolved to the point where deer hunters can plant them easily, and they can be planted in areas providing natural food sources that deer will visit daily. Where we hunt in Adams County, WI we notice large bucks are much more apt to come into food plots during daylight hours. The naturally appearing crops represent a natural food source they can trust.

In the past planting food plots was something left for experienced farmers. Now with genetically engineered seeds, food plots can be planted easily in all types of soil. The seeds are designed to withstand drought and grow in cool conditions and searing heat. Many hunters desire to plant food plots mid summer so the plants are thriving mid November when the rut is in full swing. When big bucks are chasing does around all day and night they need a lot of calories to keep marching. Food plots are the perfect places for them to eat while looking for does.

If you own hunting land or are considering buy hunting land for sale, consider food plots as a top technique for bringing in deer. Areas with harsh winters enjoy the added benefit of actually helping the deer herd survive the winters. Planting food plots is not just a great hunting tactic, but it can actually help deer remain nourished throughout the long, cold winter months. Some types of plants are designed to remain green well ito winter, providing much needed vitamins and nutrients for deer. You can even buy Wisconsin hunting land for sale featuring pre-planted food plots if you want a turn key deer hunting solution.

Just remember to think strategically when you decide where to put the food plots on the acreage. Think about your stand locations, bedding areas, common wind directions to make sure you aren’t scaring deer away with your scent. Ideally you want some plots planted in full sun and others in shade, this way different varieties of plants will grow regardless of weather.

Whatever you do this fall, don’t rule out food plots as a top tactic for attracting your next trophy buck to the deer hunting land you hunt on!

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