How to Keep the beard Clean when Outdoors

_0356EEAF0B9017D5A7114DB0C5E69B88FBF906123CD6ADBCCF_pimgpsh_fullsize_distrOne of the biggest concern among bearded men relates to beard maintenance and care. Washing your beard while on the road may it be on a camping or hunting trip can be extremely busy. However if not done properly, the washing will dry out your beard and, in turn, making it more abrasive. While on the camping trip be sure to wash your face but not the beard. As a man, you naturally have oily skin.

To make things clear, be sure to wash your face at least twice every day. Once early in the morning and once right before you head to sleep. A man’s body naturally produces oils, which in turn keeps your beard healthy. If you decide to wash your beard while on the trip, you will strip your beard those oils which in turn will lead to a dry and hypothetically damaged beard. On a minimum, it is highly recommended to wash your beard at least twice a week but while on the camping trip it is recommended to wash your beard at least once every day.

_76A88B5EF38BF76784ADCC25200140FEC75EFDEB7C0265AF1F_pimgpsh_fullsize_distrWhen washing your beard, be sure to use a mild soap. Regular soaps and body washes are extremely strong cleansers; thus, they are going to strip your beard its natural oils. The normal facial washes are not designed to clean facial hairs, thus, they will over dry your beard leaving it negated of its oils. Be sure to make use of cleansers that have been designed for your beard or face. Some of the cleansers contain mild conditioners which will not only soften your beard but also keeping your face energized and refreshed.

Compared to mild soap, shampoos should come in second because shampoos have been formulated to clean hair but not the human face. Hence, if you decide to use the shampoo, then you will have to clean your face with a separate facial wash. Once you have completed cleaning your beard, pat it down and then apply your favorite beard oil product. If you do not have a beard oil product, then you can purchase one from a reputable beard oil firm like Sparkleberry Industries.

Beard oils like the Sparkleberry Beard Oil have the ability to lock in the moisture, reduce any itching thus making your beard and face, well dehydrated and healthy. Thus, be sure always to take care of your beard at all times.

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