Camping Cot vs Sleeping Pad – Which is Right for Your Camping Trip?

Are you currently choosing which one is right for your trip? If yes, we will help you decide. Choosing between the two is quite confusing sometimes. Although, it will usually come down to the personal preferences of the camper since both of these sleeping materials will actually work quite well. However, we will still discuss some of the details about these two, so that you can decide appropriately. Keep in mind that getting enough sleep is one of the most important factors that will make your camping trip a lot more enjoyable. So, here is what we can advise to your as a camper.

Camping Cost

Let’s talk about camping cots first. People will usually think that camping cots are better, and they are probably right. The camping cot is a good sleeping equipment to bring your trip. It acts like a regular bed except that it is more portable. If you are really uncomfortable about the idea of sleeping very close to the ground, getting a camping cot is the best option. This is the exact advantage of camping cots. They keep the camper elevated from the ground, which gives a lot of benefits.

If the camper is elevated from the ground, things like insects and dirt are avoided. The user will become less susceptible to possible hazardous insects from the ground. The camper is also not very exposed to the germs and bacteria from the ground, which might cause some diseases. So, if that is what you want, then camping cots will help you out. One disadvantage of bringing a camping cot to your trips is its inherent weight. Although, these lighter camping cots available, they are still quite heavy if compared to other alternatives.

But, overall, camping cot is one of the best choices. It can also help you save space inside your tent. You can put some of your equipment’s under the cot.

Sleeping Pad

The sleeping pad also works well. You just have to choose a size that can cover your entire body. However, it is not elevated from the ground, which means that you will become exposed to insects and dirt. The cold temperature from the ground can also pass through the pad. Choosing a thicker pad will solve this issue.

The pad will really take a lot of space inside your tent, unlike camping cots which you can put some materials under them. Some mattresses are as a big as a regular bed. But, it always comes to your personal preferences. The most important thing is that no part of your body touches the ground. Of course, it is better to get a bigger tent to give way for the big sleeping pad. There are foams pads and inflatable pads available. Foam pads are less expensive and are quite comfortable and provide enough cushion. They are harder to roll and store than the inflatable pads. Inflatable pads are more comfortable and easier to transport for your trips on the wild.