Get the Q-Flame For Your Next Camping Trip

Qstoves Inc. is introducing Q-Flame Portable Wood Pellet Heater that heats any outdoor adventure. It can remain as a long-term fixture in the backyard or broken down and taken on the road to warm the chilly nights on camping trips.

Traditional standing heaters are an appealing, compact option for outdoor heating. The only problem is that these stem-like heaters only release heat from the top, leaving anyone who is sitting with a hot scalp and not much else.

Q-Flame offers top-to- bottom heat, from the stove to the chimney, and a 10 foot radius of heat. Lounging by this smoke-free and ember-free system will provide comfortable warmth. Q-Flame relies entirely on wood pellets and is easy to start up – all it takes is a little starter fluid and a lighter. It’s cost-efficient and eco-friendly.

The Q-Flame heater offers an efficient alternative to standard propane units making Q-Flame the sensible choice for those seeking the latest in outdoor heat. Without electricity, gas, propane or an open fire, Q-Flame provides a safer more eco-friendly way to provide heat for work, play or even during a crisis. As a manufacturer of wood pellet stoves and patio heaters, QSTOVES INC. is dedicated to designing and developing new heaters and stoves that perform better than industry competitors and better for the environment.

The last thing you want to worry about when you’re camping is staying warm and having clean water. With the Q-Flame, you don’t have to worry about either one. Not only does it keep you warm, but it has option attachments that allow you to boil water and dispense it. The Hot Water flask attachment is a must for your next camping trip!

The Q-Flame also breaks down easily if you’re taking it with you to remote areas. It is easy to transport and relatively easy to back it in and out. This heater is better than lugging around a traditional propane heater. It also gives you twice the heat for less than 1 dollar an hour. You can even take it snow camping and have it lit it within minutes of setting up camp. Simply bring a $5 bag of pellets and you’re ready to go. No need to chop wood anymore.

The Q-Flame is now available on Kickstarter and offers backers the opportunity to pre-order their own heater. The fall/winter season marked the first release of the Q-Flame and buyers are already raving about performance.