York’s Wax Organic Gun Wax

Many of us have grown up using gun oil to protect our firearms from the elements whether we are hunters, collectors, or just general gun enthusiasts. At some point in a gun owner’s life, they have an experience with gun wax that will completely change their philosophy. Gun wax is far superior to oil for many reasons. The best way to protect your gun and help it maintain its shine and luster is to use York’s Organic Gun Wax. York’s Gun Wax can be used on any firearm surface and provides a protective carnauba wax coat that is usually only used in automobiles. Continue reading for more benefits of using gun wax instead of oil.

Humidity is a gun’s worst nightmare, as it causes rust, corrosion, and eventually, pitting. Gun oil does not last long enough and often comes off of a gun’s surface very easily, leaving it dangerously exposed to humidity. See the NRA Museum handbook. York’s Gun Wax is a coating that will not come off of your firearm until you take it off yourself, making it great for hunters. If your gun gets bumped around or rubs up against any materials, gun wax will stay on, as it has much more durability than gun oil. Consider using organic gun wax if you are going to be storing your firearm, hunting in inclement weather, and if you want to protect your hard-earned investments.

On top of its protective benefits, gun wax gives your firearms a lustrous shine that really makes them look great. Organic gun wax is the best way to keep your firearms looking great, while buying a product that is purely organic. Use York’s Organic Gun Wax to protect your investments today.

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