York’s Wax Organic Gun Wax

Many of us have grown up using gun oil to protect our firearms from the elements whether we are hunters, collectors, or just general gun enthusiasts. At some point in a gun owner’s life, they have an experience with gun wax that will completely change their philosophy. Gun wax is far superior to oil for many reasons. The best way to protect your gun and help it maintain its shine and luster is to use York’s Organic Gun Wax. York’s Gun Wax can be used on any firearm surface and provides a protective carnauba wax coat that is usually only used in automobiles. Continue reading for more benefits of using gun wax instead of oil.

Humidity is a gun’s worst nightmare, as it causes rust, corrosion, and eventually, pitting. Gun oil does not last long enough and often comes off of a gun’s surface very easily, leaving it dangerously exposed to humidity. See the NRA Museum handbook. York’s Gun Wax is a coating that will not come off of your firearm until you take it off yourself, making it great for hunters. If your gun gets bumped around or rubs up against any materials, gun wax will stay on, as it has much more durability than gun oil. Consider using organic gun wax if you are going to be storing your firearm, hunting in inclement weather, and if you want to protect your hard-earned investments.

On top of its protective benefits, gun wax gives your firearms a lustrous shine that really makes them look great. Organic gun wax is the best way to keep your firearms looking great, while buying a product that is purely organic. Use York’s Organic Gun Wax to protect your investments today.

Why Every Gun Owner Should Invest in a Gun Safe

These days you can never be too careful with your firearms, gun safety in the home should be priority number one if you have children or a home that is susceptible to break-ins. Of course, we are not talking about home defense weapons; we are talking about your hunting rifles, shotguns and crossbows.

When I was growing up, my grandfather had a gun case, an oak shelving unit with glass doors that you could see through, back then, it was sufficient, but these days you need a gun safe to keep your firearms out of the reach of children and criminals. A simple key and lock are not enough to secure your valuables, and what happens if you lose your key? Are you going to call a locksmith to come to open up your safe and get a sneak-peak at your valuables? No, that doesn’t make sense either! Investing in a safe with a combination lock is your best bet. Combination locks are far more secure than a traditional lock that can be picked or broken open. If you own firearms, you need to be responsible. Shotguns and rifles are some of the most accessible guns in American homes. Investing in a heavy-duty safe to keep your firearms out of the hands of children and criminals should be a priority.

Every year there are thousands of young people killed by guns, some of it intentional, and some of it is accidental. We can’t keep every gun out of the hands of our children, but we can start by locking up our hunting weapons and making sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands. Keeping our hunting gear unloaded and ammunition in a separate location is another way to avoid an accidental shooting. Easily accessible firearms and ammunition can quickly turn into a disaster if in the wrong hands.

Keep Your Guns Locked Up

Keeping your guns locked up is the responsible thing to do; however, education is equally important. For young people, they need to understand the dangers and risks associated with owning and handling firearms. It’s not like the movies or video games, and sometimes it’s a harsh lesson learned for these kids. If you hunt or just shoot for recreational enjoyment, you need to take your child out and teach them how to handle a gun properly, load, unload, and clean it. Teaching your kids the responsibilities involved in gun ownership is a necessity if you keep firearms. A gun safety class is a great place to start, but buying a safe so that absolutely nobody can get ahold of them without your permission should be a priority for us all.

If you are careless about the safety of your hunting rifles or shotguns, it could come back to haunt you. All it takes is one criminal to break into your home, steal your hunting shotgun, and commit a crime with it. Now, if you purchased that gun legally, your personal information will be associated with it. The last thing you want is a criminal running around with a weapon that is tied to your name. Keeping your guns out of the hands of criminals is easier than ever with a modern, secure, safe.

Making The Investment

Investing in a safe can be costly, but it will protect your other investments. Quality hunting rifles, scopes, and cases are not cheap, nor are top-shelf hunting shotguns. Keeping those investments secure only makes sense. A good gun safe can also be used to store additional valuables such as social security cards, passports, jewelry, cash, precious metals, and anything else of value that you wouldn’t want to lose to a thief or a house fire. Many safes are fireproof and can withstand the extreme temperatures of a house fire. Anchoring your safe into the foundation of the home will also prevent thieves from rolling it out of the house.

The world is a crazy place, and it’s only getting more insane as the days pass. Protecting your family is your right, and the second amendment of the United States Constitution gives all citizens of this great country the right to bear arms. With that right to bear arms comes a responsibility to keep them out of the hands of children and criminals. Make sure you protect yourself, your family, your rights, and your firearms by investing in a heavy-duty gun safe.