Top 3 Raccoon Proof Trash Can Options and DYI

Finding a raccoon proof trash can be a pain in the you know what. Finding one that actually works is even harder. There are only a couple on the market that claim to keep raccoons out of the trash but most fall short. Raccoons are smart little critters and always seem to find a way to get into the trash.

We are going to cover the best raccoon proof trash cans along with DYI instructions for those of you that would like to make your own.

Raccoon Proof Trash Can

As you probably already know, just having locking handles doesn’t make a trash can animal proof. Pets like raccoons are very smart and can open those handles with ease. You need another way to lock the lid down so animals can’t get into your garbage. Here are the options:

  1. Raccoon Proof Trash Can with Locking Handle StrapsThe first raccoon proof trash can is the “The Animal Stopper” by Rubbermaid. This is a 32 gallon outdoor trash can that locks with a device built in to keep the handles locked tightly. It is a pretty basic looking garbage can so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. The customer reviews seem to point out that this device seems to work well in most areas. You can read all the customer reviews by clicking on the above photo. The price is very attractive and is the same or maybe even cheaper than regular outdoor garbage cans. If you are looking for something tougher and want a bear proof trash can as well, check out the next choice.
  2. Bear Proof Trash Can with Locking LidNext is the larger Toter animal proof trash can. This can is offered in 64 and 96 gallon options and also has the lift bar for trash companies that use the garbage truck to lift the can to empty it. Besides this trash can keeping out raccoons, it is also a bear proof trash can with the lid locking tight. The customer reviews on this raccoon proof trash can are very good. But, with the garbage can being larger in size and keeping out larger animals like bears, expect a larger price tag. You can see all the customer reviews here.
  3. TuffBoxx Grizzly raccon and bear proof gabage binOur last choice for a raccoon proof garbage can is a trash bin or some call an outdoor trash box. These come in handy if you keep your trash cans in the garage but raccoons always do the break in when the trash is put out at the curb. An outdoor trash bin is not portable and is made to be kept out by the street. The trash company opens it and removes the bags. You can also expect a large price tag on these but depending on where you live, are worth every penny. It is a one time purchase that should last many, many years. It will defiantly keep the raccoons and bears out of your garbage. You can check out all the options at Amazon here.

How Raccoons Get Into You Trash

Before getting into raccoon proof trash cans DYI, I wanted to show just how smart raccoons are. If you have ever watched one, you will notice this. You will see their actions be very thought out and always knowing what is going on around them. I’m sure you have seen the mover the The Great Outdoors. That scene with the raccoons is priceless. Check out the video below and then we move on to raccoon proof trash can DYI.

DYI Raccoon Proof Trash Can

If the above options are not what you are looking for, you may find that adding a part to your existing garbage can may be better in your situation. This is good if you are trying to keep raccoons out of your garbage but not so much bears. The goal here is to make your own raccoon proof trash can.

Needed Parts

  • Your outdoor garbage can
  • Lid locking straps or stainless steel bin straps
  • Drill and drill bits

Steps for DYI Raccoon Proof Trash Can

  1. Use your drill and drill bit sized from instructions, drill two holes in the lid of your trash can.
  2. Using a Philips screw driver bit, attach the strap to your trash can lid.
  3. Take the strap you just attached, measure length don the side of your trash can and mark the didtsance with a pencil.
  4. Retrieve the receiver clips from your parts. Using your drill, attach the clip to the of your trash can.
  5. Repeat step 4 on the other side of your garbage can.
  6. Snap in the connections from the strap into the receivers.
  7. Pull on straps to make tight.

You now have a raccoon proof trash can by DYI.

Below is a photo of what the locking lid strap option would look like:

DYI Raccoon Proof Trash Can

Truck Bed Extender

The Ultimate Truck Bed Extender For Trucks and UTV’s

I’m in the middle of redoing the decking on our deck. The top portion of the deck is 16 foot long. I learned a hard lesson visiting Home Depot. My brother in-law and I made the trip down to pick up 7 pieces of 2x6x16 decking and my smart idea was to place it through the back window of my pickup. That didn’t turn out too well and I broke out my back window by barely clipping the glass. That was an expensive lesson!

I asked myself how to get 16 foot boards home without a trailer? So I started researching truck bed extensions. I never thought about it before and to be truthful, didn’t even know it was a thing. Gladly they are! A truck bed extension is a device that hooks into your hitch and extends the bed of your truck out. This allows you to support longer pieces of wood (or anything) so you do not need to have it delivered.

My poor truck!

Erickson Big Red Truck Bed Extender

After doing my research, I ended up picking up the Erickson Big Red Junior. They also make the Big Red Senior truck bed extender which includes a roof mount but I didn’t need all that. There are also many other choices for a truck bed extender, this is just the one I selected after researching.

Being able to support 350 pounds (senior model 400), I decided to give it a try. Firstly, let me say that it is part of Prime and my order delivered in two day. Being a heavier product, I could be happier!

This specific truck bed extender weighs 30 pounds which is workable by one person. It comes in two pieces which connects by a provided pin. A hitch pin is not included but I already had one for my hitch.

This truck bed extension kit like most others fit a 2″ hitch receiver. The bed height can be adjusted to the truck bed height in case your truck is lifted. You can also swap pieces around if you add a roof mount later. This will allow you to make into a ladder rack type kit.

Find other customer reviews on this extender here

How much weight can I put on a truck bed extender?

As mentioned above, this truck bed extender is rated at 350LB, The senior model is rated at 400LB. I have not personally tested this but have read others say to take those numbers to the bank. Keep in mind that most of the weight will still be on the bed of your truck. The 350LB rating is for direct weight, not distributed weight.

Can I Use This Truck Bed Extender For a Kayak?

Absolutely, in fact most reviews on Amazon are from people that purchased it for that exact reason.

Will it work for an ATV or Car?

Yes, this truck bed extender will work with any 2″ hitch.

How Truck Bed Extension Works

A truck bed extender is a pretty simple device. You lock it into your hitch receiver on your truck, then adjust the height of the end to the match your truck bed height. Once your wood is loaded, you are all set.

Below are some photos and measurements

And here are some photos of it being used

I’ll mention that good wood is hard to find this year. There is 3 pieces of wood only because that is what I could find today. It will handle much more.

Other Use Ideas For a Truck Bed Extensions

When doing my research, I found another good idea that works with any truck bed extender. It can be used as a table when working on a job or out back. I don’t know about you but I have tried using my tailgate too many times when I didn’t really have the room. Using a truck bed extension kit gives you a good 4 foot table.