Deal Alert! Tested: Cheap Tactical AR Firearm Carry Case Bag For Your Gun

So I have been on the hunt for a new AR bag for my son. Santa brought him a new AR 15-22 for Christmas and he needed something to take it to the range in. I started looking around and honestly found AR bags to be crazy in price! So I dug in a little deeper and found a great deal. Actually a couple great deals, but below is what we ended up going with as they had the best reviews and price.

The one down side to this is that it will ship from China, which kinda sucks, but worth it in the long run, being that you can get darn good quality Tactical AR gun bag for $30 shipped. Let’s face it, most of those Facebook ads you see are selling you the same exact thing at double/triple the price, I just skipped the middle man! So if you don’t mind that, I suggest checking it out.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, or just want to look for yourself and see other user reviews, just go here to see them.


The Tactical AR Firearm Bag Choices

So, the first thing to go over is the selection. The above tan pictured tactical gun bag is the one I went with, but there are a few colors/patterns to choose from. They include: Black, tan, army green and cammo.

There are also three different sizes to choose from to fit different size guns. They are measured in metric, but I have taken the liberty to break that down for you :).


  • 81cm x 24cm = 31.75 in long x 9.5 in wide
  • 94cm x 26cm = 37 in long x 10.25 wide
  • 115cm x 28cm = 45.25 in long x 11 in wide

About the Tactical AR Gun Bag

This is a soft sided nylon gun bag. Being nylon, it should last years. There are many pockets and plenty of room for storage that we will cover here.

First, if you go to the page and look at the photos, you will notice that you’re actually getting two bags in one. The main compartment is for your AR, or larger other gun, but there is also a smaller part of the bag to strap a couple pistols in for travel as well.

Next is the zipper and buckle quality. As you can see in the below photo, the zippers are well made and the buckles are your basic plastic buckles that you would find on any AR soft case. They are stiff and hold tight.

The AR 15 Gun Bag has Plenty of Storage, and backpack straps/sling

If you are one of those people that has a lot of gear, this bag has plenty of storage for you. Not including the two compartments for guns, it also has 4 large pocks that can hold ammo, magazines, ear/eye protection, gun/scope tools, extra parts and even some bugout equipment.

On the inside of the main AR compartment, you will find two strap points to hold your gun tightly in place.

In the smaller gun compartment, you will also find two straps to hold down magazines, pistols, smaller gun or whatever else you use it for.

This soft sided AR travel bag also incudes backpack straps to make travel/hiking easy. It does have the regular handle as well like any other gun bag, but the backpack straps are a nice addon if you are heading to an outdoor range and have some walking to do.

The Bottom Line on this Cheap AR 15 Tactical Gun Bag

Look, I say it is cheap because of the price (it doesn’t look/feel cheap). If you are looking to save a lot of money and want pretty darn good quality, I suggest at least checking it out. I mean $30 shipped? Heck yea I do! It has worked good for for us and it doesn’t look/feel cheap. Below are some pictures of others with this bag to get a feel on actual use/look.

Check Out Other Reviews or Buy Here


Reliable Power Sources for Camping and Off-grid Survival

Whether you are a weekend camper or considering to live off-grid, one of the most important items to have is reliable power. You obviously won’t be able to rely upon the local utility company so you will need to explore all of the possibilities to keep the electricity flowing. While there are many different options, you want to have something safe, sustainable and easy to maintain. Being out in the wilderness does not mean that you have to leave all of your comforts behind – with these power systems you can be self-sufficient and ready for anything.

With advances in technology, there are great options for all kinds of budgets and prepping needs. Your overall choices of power sources include:

  • Solar – clean, sustainable and easy to maintain
  • Wind – sustainable, clean and dependable
  • Batteries – affordable, simple to install and consistent

Battery Jump Starter Kit
Having a portable source of power is important when you are out camping or need it for your survival. A handheld jump starter kit can keep your vehicle running and supply 14,000 mAh of power to USB devices such as mobile phones, laptops and other electronics. No more waiting for tow trucks in a remote area – you can simply start your own vehicle using this starter kit. A must for anyone who regularly enjoys the outdoors!

Solar Generator
If you are looking for sustainable power that you can rely upon in an emergency situation, a Lion Safari ME Solar Generator is the answer. With zero emissions or greenhouse gases, you can rest assured that it is environmentally safe. This solar generator is fast delivering up to 2000 W for 922 W hours and can recharge in under 90 minutes. It is expandable, easy to transport, can hold a charge for up to a year and produces very little noise. The Lion Safari ME is a solid choice for your primary power source for an extended camping trip or for off-grid living.

Wall Mounted Battery Banks
Be confident about your energy storage with the Iron Edison’s Re-Volt Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries. These battery banks easily outperform lead acid batteries in terms of size, weight, life cycle and discharge rates. They are maintenance-free and can be easily installed to new or existing solar systems. The life expectancy is forty years and up to 15 of these batteries can be added together for a comprehensive power storage solution.

Portable Handheld Battery Backup and 110v Power Socket with USB Ports

Finding a reliable and portable power source can be challenging. Not so with the Lion Cub Go. Perfect for hikers and backpackers, it is lightweight, renewable and doesn’t require any maintenance. It can accommodate cameras, laptops, phones, lamps and so much more. The long-long lasting battery can last up to a year and provides a 110v power socket and two 5.34V USB ports.

Having reliable power in the wilderness is critical. Each one of these power sources have their own pros and cons, so assess your needs to determine which one is right for you. If you really want to be prepared, consider implementing one primary source of power with a backup system just in case.  Ambertracks Technology can bring you all of these solutions and much more for the USA