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Outdoor Camper Rugs, Which One?

It’s spring, and what better way to get away from all the COVID junk than to go camping! If you camp a lot, you understand how much of a pain it can be to have a nice area coming out of your camper. It seems as we are either on gravel or it is muddy.

We decided to get an outdoor camper rug so I started my research. Here we are going to go over some of our choices. But before we start, i want to point out a couple things you may be asking yourself. 1. Does the quality of an outdoor camper rug vary much? Yes, you can get cheap crap that will fall apart within a year. 2. Why do outdoor camper rugs cost to much. Well, to be honest, because everything that has to do with campers are expensive. There are a couple options you can select that are cheaper and good quality if you plan on leaving out all summer (yearly spot) that we will cover below.

Note that many camper parts do not have real brand names, or are generic names. We will talk about specific rugs, not name or models.

Good Quality Outdoor Camper Rugs

This reversible camper rug comes in a few different color choices and measures 9′ by 18′. Large enough to cover a large area in front of your camper. It is breathable which helps with mildew and drying out quickly. Best of all, it comes with a carry/storage bag and has 4.5 stars from almost 2,000 people. This rug is best if you will put it away when you leave. It is not a good choice if you plan on leaving out all summer.

Cheap Outside Camper Rugs

If you are looking for a cheap rug for your camper, I hat to be the one to tell you, but you are not going to find one. This 9′ by 12′ outdoor camper rug may be your best bet. Cheaper than the one above, but not outdoor carpet like below. Still getting good ratings from minimal customers, it will get the job done. Like above, this options is good if you clean and store it while not camping. You should not leave this out in the sun while not camping.

Outdoor Camper Rug Alternative

If you plan on leaving your camper rug out all summer, there may be a better option. Outdoor turf carpet makes a good outdoor camper rug! You could go with the classic green, or go with something with a little more style. Here is a ton of outdoor carpet choices.

This selection is best used if you have a yearly camping spot and plan on leaving it down all year. Being solidly built, it will hold up against weathering. The downside to these is it may hold water. You would probably want to sweep it off every trip.


My Final Thoughts

Outdoor Camper rugs are not a must, but they sure do make your weekends much more comfortable! I always hated walking out barefoot in the morning to get coffee going and end up with dirty feet. They give you an area of comfort and well worth the money if you ask me.

No matter what you choose, make sure the quality is there. You do not want to put that kind of money out for something that will only last the season. Do your research and read reviews of others.

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