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The Barnett Quad 400 Kit Combo

Barnett Quad 400

Barnett Quad 400 bows are highly durable and utilized by hunters and archers around the world. Barnett has a bow for every occasion, and they have led the way in crossbow development. It takes a lot of skill to track an animal and get the kill shot using a crossbow. The Barnett Crossbow line provides you with a crossbow for any shooter.

The Barnett Quad 400 is a power quad limb crossbow at an affordable price. Amazon has it listed for only $311. The package offered on Amazon comes with everything that you need to shoot the bow out of the box. This includes a 4x32mm scope, a three arrow quiver, and three 22 inch headhunter arrows. The Headhunter arrow series are designed specifically for use in crossbows and come with field tips.

Looking stylish in a high definition camouflage finish the Barnett Quad 400 is more than just a sight, it is a crossbow that demands respect. Each individual piece is manufactured to help prevent the breakdown of the system. While the risers are made out of aluminum the stock is gas molded composite ensuring a long life. This special gas assisted stock is the first of its kind when it comes to cross bows and allows the bow to be extremely durable while not taking up to much additional weight. The length of the bow from axel to axel is 27 inches but due to the composite stock the whole bow weighs only 8.4 pounds.

If you are looking to take down game, the Barnett Quad 400 shoots at a whopping 345 feet per second. It has a 150 pound draw weight and 106 foot pounds of energy. It only takes 4 pounds of pressure to pull the trigger and get the perfect kill. The design of the pistol grip allows your thumb to easily rest on the bow to provide a better gripping action. The separated foregrip allows you to get a better hold on the front and better stabilize the crossbow. Overall the crossbow itself is just heavy enough to make you realize you are holding a tool for hunting but not too heavy as to become cumbersome.

Barnett is staffed with hunters so they know there is nothing more frustrating than trying to put together parts of your crossbow. The crossbow comes mostly assembled, requiring only the most basic assembly. Because the Barnett Quad 400 was built by hunters, for hunters it is backed by a 5 year warranty. This warranty covers any defect in materials and workmanship.

Called the ultimate hunting crossbow by some the Barnett Quad 400 is a serious hunter’s tool. It allows you to take down the game that you want and carry the extra arrows to keep going without having to carry a quiver on your back. It has just the right balance of power and weight to back up its deadly look. Hunters, don’t wait to get a tool like this.


Video Range Test of the Barnett Quad 400