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Become One With Nature With These Camping Tips

Camping is a great way to bond with your friends and family. Everyone should give this exciting experience a try if they can. Camping does, however, require a great deal of knowledge and preparation. Learn some tips, from the article that follows, that you can use on your next camping trip.

Try to find a campsite that is closer to your house for your convenience when on your first trip. That way, if problems arise, you won’t be too far from help. You may run out of supplies early. Many problems may arise for a new camper, so camping close to where you live can help you.

TIP! Include a few indoor activities in your camping trip supplies. Be prepared for bad weather on your camping trip.

If you camp in an area that hosts snakes, snake-proof your campsite. Avoid thick bushes, deep brush, woodpiles and rock piles. Boots, clothing and bags should be checked to make sure that a snake has not found its way into them. Make sure that you seal your tent in the best way possible to prevent snakes from entering.

To make your camping trip more enjoyable, bring along something luxurious. Try bringing something portable and lightweight, like a candy bar or some cream for your coffee. Small things like this can increase your enjoyment of the trip.

One thing you must take with you when camping is your first aid kit. Kits need to include everything necessary in the event of injuries. Things like medication, snake precautions, bandages, and other essentials must be in the emergency kit. You must be prepared for any type of accident or illness that could occur while camping.

TIP! While you may think that nature will offer up enough wood to keep your fire embers burning, it could quite possibly be wet wood that doesn’t really want to burn. It’s always prudent to bring wood that you have gathered beforehand, and to store it in a location where it will stay dry.

If you are using an RV at a crowded or public campsite, remember to turn off your outside lights or put them on timers. Do not forget to turn off your RV lights instead of leaving them on like some campers do. This is unnecessary and disruptive to those nearby.

Let your loved ones help you pick a campsite. One of the things you will want to discuss is which state you would like to visit. The many options may make it difficult to settle on one. Try to select a short-list and then put it to a family vote.

Kids love camping, especially when you plan activities that they can do. Do not let the absence of TV and video games lead them to complain that they are bored. The may not be accustomed to activities like pitching a tent or fishing. Take the time to demonstrate the activities prior to leaving, especially if they’ve never really lived outdoors.

TIP! Make fire safety your top priority while camping. Building a safe fire circle should be something you know how to do.

Prepare for your camping trip thoroughly. Make sure you have put a little thought into things in case the unexpected does occur. The weather could change suddenly, you could encounter hostile people or animals, and someone could become sick or injured. You mustn’t take any reckless risks, be careless, and you need to think before acting.

Take water purification tablets with you. Even if you think you’ve brought enough water or you plan to boil water that you collect, you could easily exhaust your supply or run short on time. Try using the tablets at home before heading out on your trip to ensure you understand how they work and what the water will taste like. It would be silly to risk dehydration because of a bad taste.

If you’re planning on camping, you need to remember to pack energy food like beef jerky and trail mix. These grab-and-go snacks are great for taking on a hike or as a snack after a long day when you don’t feel like preparing a meal. Even if you don’t eat them, these are non-perishable snacks that have a long shelf life.

Extra Clothes

Don’t be afraid to over-pack for your children. Camping can be dirty! Kids love getting into dirt. As the day goes on, your kids will get messier and messier. It is almost impossible to prevent, but luckily, you will not need to worry if you have extra clothes on hand. Be prepared for dirty clothes and dirty children by packing extra clothes.

Pay attention to where you’re setting up camp. One thing to consider is whether or not there are insect nests in the space in which you want to set up. To keep the bugs off of your skin, wear garments that cover your skin especially if plant life is abundant. You should bring insect repellant along.

TIP! Food is one of the most important items to bring while camping. Food that is resistant to spoiling, or that can be kept cold in your cooler, are the best options to choose.

Clean out your campsite before you leave to go back home. Get some trash bags and clean up your mess. Pack up any food that may remain and remove it from the campsite. The thing to keep in mind as you prepare to go home is that the only sign of your stay in the woods should be your own footprints.

Camping is a fun experience, but requires being prepared and knowing a few things. Use these tips on your next trip. Keeping the tips shared here in mind will make for a more pleasant trip.