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Shark Fishing in Key West

There’s nothing in the world quite like the experience of shark fishing in Key West.  This overview will give you a little taste of the incredible action.

Make no mistake about it– shark fishing is exactly as awesome as it sounds. This is especially true in Key West, which is home to an abundance of these magnificent creatures. Shark fishing is something you have to experience firsthand to understand completely. Read on to find out what to expect.

An Overview of Shark Fishing in Key West

Although you’re quite right to think that shark fishing will give you the rush of a lifetime, the image you have of it might be a little off-base. When most people think of shark fishing, a scene from a movie usually comes to mind. If it’s not a scene from Jaws, then it’s at least a vision of terror and backbreaking labor. But this isn’t how shark fishing actually plays out. Yes, there’s a lot of action involved– sharks are definitely fighters– but the experience is safe, fun, and very rewarding.

You will need the right guide, however. You’ll need a guide like one of the captains at KW Fishing Link. They have the experience, patience, and knowledge to get you to just the right spots. Their shark charters also include all the equipment and bait you’ll need to land one of these beautiful monsters. They offer a variety of shark fishing charters, but all of them include guaranteed action.

A day on a Key West Fishing Link charter will show you what shark fishing is really all about. Depending on the species, the weather, and the time of year, you can find sharks at many different depths of water. But generally speaking, Key West sharks usually gather at depths of under 20 feet. This means you’ll often be able to see the sharks swimming around the boat. That’s when your serene ocean adventure takes a slightly more thrilling turn.

Hooking a shark is just the beginning. Though Key West sharks come in a wide variety of sizes, none of them are going to jump onto your boat without a fight. The Key West Fishing Link captains will guide you through the process, but you’ll definitely have a challenge on your hands.

It’s not uncommon to land a shark weighing upwards of 100-200 pounds. Once you hook a shark, they’ll usually make a powerful beeline away from the boat. It will take endurance, patience, and coaching to reel them back in, but the reward is in the fight itself, as well as in the pride you’ll feel taking a photo of your catch before releasing it.

A Closer Look

Here is a list of some of the most commonly found shark species in Key West:

  • Bull Shark
  • Lemon Shark
  • Black Tip Shark
  • Hammerhead Shark
  • Tiger Sharks
  • Brown Sharks

There’s a lot of great information on shark fishing to be found at FKF Charters Website. In addition to details about the enormous variety of shark species swimming near Key West, the site is also packed with information about various kinds of charters.

Trusting your guide is the best way to land a Key West shark.  Contact the great people at Key West Fishing Link or The FKF Charters Website today to book the ocean adventure of a lifetime.

5 Places to Buy Fishing Gear Online: Supporting Small Business

When it come to fishing gear, big box stores like BassPro and Walmart are hard to beat. They are convenient, yes. I myself try my best to support small business as much as possible. When out, I stop and visit local mom and pop shops like Wormies (the local pay lake/bait shop here but doesn’t sell online).

An upside of buying from smaller places, especially fishing stores, is that they usually have their own small batch brands. You can find some good hand-made lures!

This country is built on small business and though their prices may not be as good as big box stores, your helping the little guy. So today, I’m going to go over a few small online fishing shop you should check out before visiting the larger guys. Support small business!

First up is probably my favorite online fishing store. The site is well made and easy on the eyes. It is easy to search for your favorite gear and set up in a way that is easy to browse looking for something to catch your eye. carries a wide range of brand names. If it is made you will probably find it here. They have  everything broke down into easy to choose sections.

  • Saltwater Fishig
  • Freshwater Fishing
  • Fly Fishing
  • Cast Nets (yes a whole sections on cast netting!)
  • Appeal
  • And even a “Bargain Cave”

Based out of Tampa Florida, you can be sure shipping is fast. They are good group to deal with and are very nice people.

They also have their own products listed below:

If you are looking for new gear or your favorite lure, I suggest checking them out before heading out to Walmart. It might surprise you how a small business can hang.

Fishing Frugal Lures

Nick from Fishng Frugal Lures offers custom made lures and jigs. Sure they may be a little more pricey than big box stores, but you can be sure they are hand made and can be customized the way you want.

He offers:

  • Crank Baits
  • Buzz Baits
  • Soft Plastics
  • Jigs

If your looking for custom made baits, check Nick out.

Speedy Worm

One thing the bog box stores can’t do nearly as good as smaller shops, is to sell good live bait. Have you ever bought live bait from Walmart? Dried up and junk!

Ever think of buying live bait online? Small companies like Speedy Worm does just that, and they do a good job at that. Sure, the website may be small, but they will give any other bait shop a run for their money.

When it comes to prices and shipping, they are hard to beat.

They offer in Bulk:

  • Wax Worms
  • Canadian Nightcrawler
  • Leeches
  • Meal Worms
  • European Nightcrawlers
  • Spikes
  • Butter Worms
  • Composting Worms
  • Crickets

If you are looking to buy live bait in bulk, check them out before buying from a bog box store.

PTL Craft Lures

If you are looking for Trout specific lures, PTL Craft is a good place to start looking. All of their lures are handmade and PTL is all about Trout. They love to fish them, and that’s all they do.

All lures are made from beginning to end by Guilaume and Christelle in their home. Based out of South of France so shipping times may be a little longer but it is worth the wait.

Just note that they are redoing their website and it will be up again soon.

Slater’s Jigs

If you’re a jig person, you know there are tons of options out there. Most are junk! Slater’s Jigs offers some handmade jigs that will make you want to bite at them!

From plastics to hair, these jigs will put the bite on. You will not find anything like them at a bog box store.

The Bottom Line

The point of this article is to open your eyes to choices other than big box stores. There are tons of small businesses out there that you could be supporting. You will find some real gems!

Why buy from a corporation when you have hard working people that are making/selling what they love? Buying from local mom and pop fishing stores and supporting the little guy on the net is a way to contribute to our hobby of choice.