Green Fishing Lights: How to use Them

Underwater green fishing lights attract fish to your dock for a spectacle for you to enjoy or fish upon. These lights range from $25 – $450 in price and range in colors as well as brightness. The brighter the light the more fish you will attract. Generally you want to use a green or blue light source as fish are attracted to those colors.

How Do Green Fishing Lights Work?

Underwater fishing lights work by creating a food source around the placement area. Blue and green wavelengths of light in the water attract things like plankton. Smaller bait fish swarm the plankton to feed and hang around the light for a source of food. Smaller bait fish then attract larger game fish looking to feed on the small bait fish. These green fishing lights only increase in fish density the longer you leave it operating. Fish return to places that are easy feeding and before you know it you’ll have tons of fish swarming your green fishing light.

Types Of Green Fishing Lights?

A green fishing light can be categorized as a portable or mounted light. Some lights are smaller and more portable to use for pond fishing. Others are geared to dock presentations and attract fish to your property. These lights are mounted onto the dock and plugged into a GFCI. This is different from portable lights as they can be run from a car, or external portable battery. The smaller led lights tend to be dimmer but it’s a sacrifice for the mobility they bring. Mounted led fishing lights tend to be powerful and are stationary bringing fish back.

Can You Fish With A Green Light?

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With the green fishing light attracting game fish to your dock it is perfect for dock or bow fishing. With most green fishing lights being submersible you can fish, cast nets, and bow fish around them without any impact on the light. Moving the lights to different positions around your dock or in the area you are fishing is also possible. Testing new depths and locations is key to attracting the most fish. Remember not to make a lot of noise on the dock as the fish can sense the vibrations of you walking heavy and it may spook them.

What Depths Can You Use A Fishing Light?

Small portable lights are limited on depth because they lack the lumens to light the surface through the water. Mounted lights can reach depths of 35 feet while still maintaining good visibility and fish attraction. The visibility through the water can also affect the lights brightness and dull colors. Generally speaking if the water is dirty the light might not perform as well as if it was in clear water.

Are Fishing Lights Submersible?

Most green fishing lights are waterproof and can be thrown in salt-water and freshwater environments. The lights are weighted at the bottom or have weights attached to them to keep them facing upwards in the water. If your waters have high currents getting heavier lights is recommended so it will stay in place.

Increasing Your Homes Aesthetic

With color options of blue and green lighting your boat outside your house is magnificent with green fishing lights. While they attract fish to your dock they also illuminate your home’s water or boats around your dock.

Gong On A Hunt? Must have Hunting Equipment & Gear Checklist for your next adventure

Regardless of whether you’re fifteen or fifty years old, there’s nothing more energizing than the expectation of your first chase. Ensuring you’re well-loaded with all necessary hunting equipment is a significant key in considering the day a complete hit.

Normally, there are evident things like your hunting permit, however consider the possibility that your first chase unexpectedly transforms into your first one. Will you have what you need? Here’s a tracking agenda of things you ought to consider before you hit the forested areas “authoritatively” just because.

Prior to your hunt, you’ll first need to check all the chasing guidelines of the territory you’re making a beeline for. Regardless of whether that is near and dear, or in another state, you’ll need all the guidelines and guidelines. A few guidelines can incorporate the measure of orange you have to wear, how close you can chase to homes or streets and what zones are legitimate or illicit to chase.

Additionally, while you’re getting ready for your chase, buy your chasing permit, sight in the firearm or bow you’ll utilize, and get any landowner authorization fundamental in the region you need to go for hunting.

Hunting Equipment & Gear Checklist

While you’re chasing, you’ll need all the sound judgment chasing gear: hunting fitting garments and boots, a bow or rifle, knapsack and ammunition. In any case, a few things aren’t as evident for another tracker. Aroma attractant and fragrance decrease can be key in making your chase effective. Foot and Hand warmers can spare you during a pre-winter or Winter chase. Also, a rain protection wear will keep you dry when there is a rainfall. These are a few things on the chasing agenda that not every person considers until they’re out in the forested areas.

Some hunting equipment:

  • Scout Land
  • Hunting License
  • Site in Gun
  • Test Gun
  • Know Area Hunting Regulations
  • Addition Landowner’s Permission
  • Game Camera
  • Completely Charged Batteries
  • Blind or Arrangement Tree Stand
  • Aroma Reduction Wash


During the Hunt:

  • Headlamp/ Spotlight
  • Ammunition
  • Knapsack
  • Firearm
  • Dazzle
  • Deer Call
  • Hunting Apparel (camo or orange guideline)
  • Sent Reduction Spray
  • Foot and Hand Warmers
  • Aroma Attractant
  • Downpour Jacket
  • Collapsing Knife
  • Chasing Vest
  • Boots
  • Optics
  • Mobile Phone /Walkie Talkies/GPS
  • Emergency treatment Kit


After the Hunt:

  • Indelible Marker
  • Deer Tags with Tie
  • Field Dressing Gloves
  • Field Dressing Knife
  • Deer Drag Rope or Cart
  • Field Dressing Kit
  • Food
  • Spotlights and Batteries
  • Granola bars

Vision Gadget:

Thermal weapon sight makes use of the most recent infrared imaging innovation to uncover temperature varieties and changes that happen in both normal and man-made articles. They utilize that data to produce a picture even in darkness.

They are created utilizing the study of dark body radiation, which shows that objects with a temperature above total zero must transmit infrared radiation. Radiation levels increment or reduction in light of changes or varieties in an article’s temperature; warm photography, or thermography, works by identifying the degree of radiation that an item discharges and making an interpretation of it into a picture.

A warm weapon sight, in any case called a thermographic weapon sight or warm symbolism scope, consolidates a thermographic camera and a pointing reticle in one gadget that can be mounted on an assortment of weapons. AGM Global Vision predominant warm weapon sights are produced using high-level development materials that are lightweight, climate safe, and intense.

More hunting checklist:

Journeying Poles: Especially, in the event that you are going into higher nation, having a decent set will make your life essentially simpler.

Magazine or Books: Let’s face it, once in a while the chase can take a very significant time-frame and you can indeed gaze at a limited number of squirrels for such a long time.

Pee Bottle: if it is badly designed for you to leave your stand.

Bear Mace Spray: You are in the forested areas following your prey; however who recognizes what might be following you. While you, obviously, have your firearm, Bear Mace is an incredible added alternative to keep near to your side in the event that something goes wrong.

Belt: Can be utilized as a tourniquet, or just to hold things to your abdomen. You would be amazed with respect to the quantity of employments that you can discover for a belt regardless of anything else.

Fishing and Catch Gear: Be certain to convey a little catch and fishing equip or figure out how to make your own in the wild on the off chance that you need it.