Types of Fishing Lures

The best way to catch any fish is to use a lure, and they can be super effective for just about any species of fish. Lures are simply artificial fishing baits that are used to catch fish and they come in plenty of different sizes, shapes, and colors. But what works for one species of fish may not necessarily work for another, so you need different types of lures in your arsenal. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular types of fishing lures out there that you need for your next trip!


Plugs are fishing lures made of hard plastic and resemble the most common bait fish or other prey animals of your target fish species. They will usually include a thin piece of plastic on the front called the lip, and this makes the entire lure wobble and move while in the water. A plug can have many different actual designs that allow it to either float, dive, sink, or wobble through the water in order to attract fish.


Jigs are very simple lures that will feature a weighted head on one side of it and a single hook on the other side. They will usually have a skirt made of plastic around the hook, and are effective for many different species of fish. Because they are weighted, jigs will sink very quickly and easily. This makes them a perfect choice for deep water or bottom fishing.


Spinnerbaits are unique lures that are designed to move through the water at higher speeds than other lures, and on a horizontal plane. They are available in a wide array of shapes,colors, and sizes depending on the target species and the water depth that you will be fishing.  Spinnerbaits will have a hook on one side, and a metal blade that spins (hence the name) on the other. The hook will usually have a skirt around it, and the spinning of the blade or blades will help to create vibrations in the water and attract attention.

Soft Plastics

Hook inserted and in place

Soft plastic lures are a staple among most fishermen, and are rubbery artificial baits that are made to resemble a wide variety of different creatures. You will find plastic baits in the shapes of things like worms, lizards, crawfish, frogs, and other animals that are preyed upon by fish. Soft plastics are favorite amongst bass anglers, but can be used to catch just about any species of predatory fish out there. Plastics can be all different colors and sizes to suit your needs, and can be rigged up with many different methods.

Blades and Vibes

Blades and vibes lures are very similar, but do have a few key differences. Both are designed to be used for sub-surface (often in deeper water) situations. Vibes can be constructed of different materials and generally feature a rubber skirt or other addition, while blades are usually metal or sometimes a hard plastic. Both, however, are very thin and function on the same basic principles. Using both blades and vibes is very popular because of just how easy they are to use, and how effective they are at catching fish!


How The SmartLure is Looking to Change The Fishing Game as We Know It

As a hobby and sport as old as time, fishing is one aspect of the outdoor world that really hasn’t changed too much. At its very core, fishing is about a connection between angler and fish. Although the ways we do it have shifted, that idea still stays the same.

Because the popularity of fishing as a sport has blossomed, new and improved technological advances have evolved the way fish are caught drastically.

The newest technology to hit the bass fishing industry is the SmartLure. The SmartLure is the world’s first ever intelligent bait that is data-driven. Let’s dive into what makes the SmartLure special and truly unique in this space.

What is the SmartLure

For the first time ever, the bass fishing industry is going to have access to a lure that activity collects and communicates data. Designed by a luremaker with over 40 years in the business, it is clear that the SmartLure is trying to break into another dimension of angling.

The lure itself is similar to a crankbait and uses a bill to dive deep into the water column. There are two treble hooks there to maximize the hookup potential. They come in a variety of the best colorways available to bass fishing. So, at its core, it is still a very good quality lure.

The unique factor comes into play when the technology is introduced. There is a pack in the belly of the lure that has a water detection sensor, charging contacts, and a number of other sensors.

These sensors work to transform the action of the lure into numbers and data. The SmartLure application is the main dashboard backed up by a database where you go to see what has been collected in the water.

What kind of data is being collected?

When the lure is in the water, the technology is constantly sending data to the database. Then, you can later reference what it has captured. However, if the data is not useful to your fishing endeavors, then what is the point? Well, it actually does give you valuable information.

The biggest piece of information translated to you is the path of the lure. It tracks the position of  the lure in the water column and all hits of resistance that comes along the way. A hit of resistance refers to hitting the bottom or when a fish bites. This helps you map out the area and give you insight as to where bass are sitting and waiting to strike.

The app also gives you tons of valuable information about your geographical area, weather, tides, and moon stages. These are super important features that can help you adjust your fishing presentations based on your specific situation.

What can you do with SmartLure data?

The best thing you can do with the SmartLure data is better equip yourself with knowledge. The entire idea is to give you insight in real time. Using this data is super important.

For example, the SmartLure tracks the pace and path that you crank it in. You can experiment with different presentations and track which ones produce bites. This is invaluable information as it could directly lead to more bites down the line.

Especially as the company grows and the SmartLure transitions and changes over time, the uses of the lure and app will grow.

Why is it important?

Knowing all of these various aspects will transform you into a much more informed angler. Understanding how bass are feeding and the various patterns thereof could directly translate into more bites down the line.

Knowing what the bass are doing will directly impact how you can produce more quality bites. For example, when using the SmartLure’s mapping features, you can see where the bass like to sit and strike. You can use this information to better present this lure and others on the water.

So, not only is the SmartLure a technically efficient lure, the technology being used is incredibly unique. It is important for the industry to always be pushing the boundaries and seeing what new strategies will become the next best thing. There is a good chance that SmartLure is an example of that.

When will it be available?

Right now, the lure is in development and crowdfunding to pay for the project. However, there is a tentative timeline as to when the SmartLure can hit the masses.

In a couple of months, the company will determine how many lures should be made and find a location fit for production. Around December of 2021, mass production of the lure will commence.

Heading into next year, the Model Zero will be assembled and then distributed to all of the Kickstarter backers who have hopped onto the project. From then on, lures will be developed and produced for the masses as well as new models will likely be introduced.

To stay up to date on all of the SmartLure updates along the way, follow along on social media.

Now that you have a better idea of what the SmartLure is, the last thing to do is to support the project and buy the lure once development has finished. As you can see, this lure is really pushing the limits as to what we can get out of the experience.

SmarLure is not going to be for everyone. There will always be the old fashioned anglers who do not believe in the newest technology, but this lure is not for them. The SmartLure is designed for those who want to push the limits and see what new advances the industry has. If you fall into this category, let the SmartLure take your fishing endeavors to an entirely new level.

To support and keep updated on the project, reference the company’s kickstarter page.