Three Women Aim at Earning Your Gun Business. Glendas Guns, A Gun Store like None Other

Guns for sale online and in-person gives a gentler approach to “packing a piece” in Virginia Beach, VA.

Virginia Beach, Virginia – February 18, 2019 – With the precision of a sharpshooter aimed at shattering perceived limitations, one Virginia Beach gun store has upped the ante. Enter, Glenda’s Guns. They’re sending shockwaves through what has been, up until now, a man’s world. Owned and operated by pistol-packing ladies who hold their own in the gun industry, both as competitors and hot shot sales mavens, the gun store is part of a new undeniable wave of consumerism.  Welcome to the best place to buy a gun not just for the lovelies behind the counter, but for the brains and bravado they wield.


Owned by Glenda Craddock and managed by Amy May, the two women have created a location that’s a “gun guy’s playground.” The store offers an experience where the staff gives customers a knowledgeable take on new and used guns, concealed carry pistols, carbines and the like.  Open for just over a month, in addition to the brick and mortar location; the two have added an online store based on their current in-store inventory. Although this store is new, Craddock along with her husband have owned gun stores and Pawn Shops since the mid 90’s. Daughter Nina rounds out the threesome by handling all the back room paper work and personnel of all the stores owned by the family. All three ladies are fixtures on the Facebook pages of both gun stores. With 40k plus followers of the two stores they are quite well known in the area. From shooting and training videos to Hump-Day pics these ladies love being themselves on camera.

Glenda’s Guns Facebook page customer Chris Heatley says, “Love the environment they have. Walked in and was greeted right away, no one hesitated to help. Ladies there are very knowledgeable. Will be buying from there from now on.”

Glenda Craddock said, “If anyone wonders if Amy and I really get guns, we invite them to stop by our next competition.  We’re not only competitive shooters and avid hunters but I’ve been in the business for 25 years in the stores I co-own with my husband Jeff, Greenbrier Pawn, Hilltop Pawn and Chesapeake Pawn and Gun.  It was because of our love for the sport that we decided to open Glenda’s.  The response has been overwhelming because locals trust our input. We have two private ranges where we train to compete and video everything from our drills to our weekly Facebook Gun Giveaways.

Wondering where these game-changing gals compete? Glenda and Amy shoot two Run and Gun style competitions.  One such timed competition is the Second Saturday Pistol Series. It runs four to seven stages on each competition day of the ten month long series.  Feats may include dragging “hostage” dummies and then assaulting targets or, assaulting targets after being blindfolded,  handcuffed, and then escaping. Real world scenarios add to the excitement.

“Whether it’s the Second Saturday Pistol Series or the Tidewater Carbine League, there’s lots of running and gunning, graded on speed and accuracy.  We’re a team at Glenda’s Guns too so when you Google ‘gun stores near me’ keep an eye out for us,” adds Craddock.

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About Glenda’s Guns:

Glenda’s Guns is a Virginia Beach gun store owned by Glenda and Jeff Craddock.  The store offers firearms, ammunition, training devices, and accessories.  The Craddock’s also own Hilltop, Greenbrier, and Chesapeake Pawn and Gun in and around Southeastern Virginia.


Location Information:

  • 1721 C Laskin Road
  • Virginia Beach, VA 23454


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Review: Leupold 115387 Mark AR MOD 1 Rifle Scope

Leupold 115387 Review

If you’re looking for a scope that will help you shoot better at long distance targets but cannot afford those ultra expensive high-end models, then the Leupold 115387 Mark AR MOD 1 Rifle Scope may be something that will interest you. Designed by Leupold, one of the leading manufacturers in telescoping sights, this scope will satisfy the demands of the most exacting hunters. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at some of its pros and cons, as well as give you a run down on some of the scope’s best features.

Cluttered Reticle with Illuminated Center Dot

One of the best features of this rifle scope is its reticle. Slightly cluttered, the reticle features an illuminated center dot which does most of the hunting for you. When activated, the center dot makes it really easy for you to pick your target and quickly make your shots.

Equipped with Multicoated 4 Lens

The worst enemy you can face when out hunting is glare. Because light tends to reflect off the surface of lenses, it reduces image quality and makes it difficult for you to hit your targets with accuracy. In a bid to overcome this problem, the Leupold engineers developed their own proprietary superior lens coating system which is utilized in the Leupold 115387 rifle scope. The scope’s multicoated 4 lens keeps image quality pristine by increasing the amount of light that reaches your eye, and minimizes the reflection of light on the outer eyepiece. Therefore, you’ll have a clear view of your targets and surroundings at all times.

Krypton/Argon Waterproof Layer

Another Leupold proprietary technology used by this scope is the 2nd generation Argon/Krypton gas blend waterproofing technology. This gas blend technology is superior to the commonly used dry Nitrogen waterproofing technology in two ways. For starters, Krypton/Argon molecules are larger than nitrogen molecules, meaning they can sustain their attributes over a broader temperature range. This therefore means that the Leupold 115387 rifle scope remains waterproof at all times since the Krypton/Argon molecules are resistant to diffusion and leaking. Secondly, the Krypton/Argon makes the Leupold 115387 Rifle Scope resistant to thermal shock.


  • The rifle scope is lightweight and will not weigh down your rifle
  • Adjustment-making is very easy when you go with this scope
  • Enables you to shoot accurately over distances ranging from 100 to 600 yards (and even more if you’re highly skilled)
  • Turrets are clearly marked with a specific bullet weight and velocity
  • Runs on batteries that are easy to find
  • The reticle’s illuminated center dot lets you know when you’re at minimum and maximum illumination
  • Uses a quantum optical system which maximizes light transition
  • Offers a magnification range of 1.5x to 4x


  • The magnification adjustment ring is a little stiff
  • With a minimum magnification of 1.5x, the scope makes it a little difficult to transition between close targets

What’s In the Box?

  • 1 Mark AR MOD 1-115387 Leupold Rifle Scope, matte black
  • Owner’s instruction manual

Consumer Ratings

With a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon, most of the 20 reviewers have stated that the Mark AR MOD 1-115387 Leupold Rifle Scope happens to be a really good product. Very little complaints have been raised, which speaks volumes about the scope’s performance. To sum it up, the majority of reviewers agree that the rifle scope offers excellent value with a solid and compact construction.


Overall, the Leupold 115387 Mark AR MOD 1 Rifle Scope is a high reliable piece of equipment. Not only is this scope cheap and easy to use, it also offers you a great magnification range. And best of all, the rifle scope makes it easy for you to accurately hit targets that are far off. If you’re planning to hunt game from a distance, the Leupold 115387 Mark AR MOD 1 would make an ideal choice.