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Hi welcome to THC online tip of the  week I’m your host John Stallone week after week we get question in the ask the pros section of THC regarding buying a new bow and the number one question why buy new when my old one is just fine… For example Jake in California writes: “I have been shooting the Mathews switchback since 2006 and I feel like it’s time for a change but I can’t bring myself to spend $1000 on a new bow when this one shoot s so well. Do you have any insight as to the benefits of upgrading?” Well Jake I too own a switchback and it’s a great bow it was really the first parallel limb bow that started a revolution. The Switch back had a great feel to it, smooth shooting and great speed at 318fps, classic Mathews quality. Let’s compare it to the new Creed one of the first things that you will notice just from grabbing the bow is the 20% reduction in weight, now for me I do a lot of spot and stalk hunting and it makes a huge difference not having tote around so much weight, my arm is less fatigued when it comes time to shoot which calculates into accuracy. This is all due to the new Geo Grid lock riser. Now the new longer riser is another benefit, longer riser calculates into more stability, obviously more stability more accuracy. The longer riser creates the beyond parallel limbs  and what this does for us is decrease vibration and lowers noise, so less hand shock will improve your accuracy and the reduction in noise will minimize reaction from the animal you are shooting or string jump as it is known us hunters. The next thing I would look at is the Creed has reverse roller guard actually makes it much easier to draw the bow back this will allow you to shoot higher poundage if you want or if you are already shooting 70lbs this will allow you draw slower and more concealed, the less movement you make while drawing the less likely you are to get busted.  Let’s continue to talk about poundage here let’s say you are getting a little long in the tooth and you really can’t pull back 70lbs anymore,  but you don’t wanna give up speed the Creed is a blazing 328fps so if you do the math you can actually shoot your Creed at 63 lbs and still get the 318fps you are shooting out of your Switchback . Long and short of it I know its hard to let go of something good Jake… but trust me the Mathews Creed is truly an upgrade… and your trophy room will thank you for it.  

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Author: John Stallone : Outdoor writer, Marketing Director for The Hunting Channel, Range Land manager, Professional Hunter

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