How To Catch Winter Stripers On Texoma

Arguably, Lake Texoma on the Texas and Oklahoma border probably has the hottest Striper fishing in the U.S.A. While it doesn’t have the giantls like Beaver Lake in Arkansas has, it has something Beaver doesn’t. Numbers! Texoma has a generous Striper limits and it just seems they increase year after year.

If you don’t feel like trying to learn how to catch Winter Stripers on Texoma, I suggest hiring a Lake Texoma Striper Guide like Shawn over at Crosswinds Guide Service. He is one of the top guides on the lake and consistently puts his Clients on limits of Stripers.

If however you do feel like going after them, then here is what you’ll need to know in order to catch them.

First, you’re going to have to have good electronics. Your depth finder is your best weapon. You’ll also have to know how to use it for something more than just finding the depth!

Wintertime Stripers on Lake Texoma may be in 2 feet of water or 60 feet. This is why a good depth finder is essential.

Start your search on shallow wind blown points. Often schools of shad are blown into these points and big schools of Stripers follow and trap them against the banks.

If you see birds working, that’s an added bonus!

Flocks of birds working on top of the water indicate bait is being pushed up and the Stripers are the ones doing the pushing!

If you don’t find the schools on the shallow points, follow those points back out into open water until they drop off into deep water. It’s not uncommon for large schools to be suspended over 40 to 60 feet of water.

It helps if you can find huge schools of baitfish near deep water. Once you’ve found them on your locator, you shouldn’t have to look far to find the big schools of Stripers. They follow the batifish schools.

Once you locate them, you now have to catch them!

One of the most popular methods for catching Stripers during the Winter on Lake Texoma is a technique called “deadsticking”. It’s one of the easiest ways to catch Stripers.

As the name implies, deadsticking involves you lowering a bait such as live shad or a 5 to 7 inch fluke on a 1 oz jig head and hold it still. The motion of the boat is all you need.

Best colors for jig heads and baits are White, Chartreuse and Pink. Other colors like blue/white combination can work equally as well. It pays to experiment if you’re finding the fish but it seems like they’re not biting.

The toughest thing about learning how to catch Winter Stripers on Texoma is the weather. It can be nice and sunny one day and a total blizzard the next. This is why it’s important to bring along essential clothing like gloves, rain suit and heavy coats and jackets. You just never know what the weather will be doing. But even if it is cold and miserable above the water line, don’t fret. It’s on these days when the Striper fishing can be red hot!

So whether you choose to hire a Lake Texoma Striper Guide or go at it yourself, just remember to dress accordingly and don’t give up too early!

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