Top 3 Raccoon Proof Trash Can Options and DYI

Finding a raccoon proof trash can be a pain in the you know what. Finding one that actually works is even harder. There are only a couple on the market that claim to keep raccoons out of the trash but most fall short. Raccoons are smart little critters and always seem to find a way to get into the trash.

We are going to cover the best raccoon proof trash cans along with DYI instructions for those of you that would like to make your own.

Raccoon Proof Trash Can

As you probably already know, just having locking handles doesn’t make a trash can animal proof. Pets like raccoons are very smart and can open those handles with ease. You need another way to lock the lid down so animals can’t get into your garbage. Here are the options:

  1. Raccoon Proof Trash Can with Locking Handle StrapsThe first raccoon proof trash can is the “The Animal Stopper” by Rubbermaid. This is a 32 gallon outdoor trash can that locks with a device built in to keep the handles locked tightly. It is a pretty basic looking garbage can so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. The customer reviews seem to point out that this device seems to work well in most areas. You can read all the customer reviews by clicking on the above photo. The price is very attractive and is the same or maybe even cheaper than regular outdoor garbage cans. If you are looking for something tougher and want a bear proof trash can as well, check out the next choice.
  2. Bear Proof Trash Can with Locking LidNext is the larger Toter animal proof trash can. This can is offered in 64 and 96 gallon options and also has the lift bar for trash companies that use the garbage truck to lift the can to empty it. Besides this trash can keeping out raccoons, it is also a bear proof trash can with the lid locking tight. The customer reviews on this raccoon proof trash can are very good. But, with the garbage can being larger in size and keeping out larger animals like bears, expect a larger price tag. You can see all the customer reviews here.
  3. TuffBoxx Grizzly raccon and bear proof gabage binOur last choice for a raccoon proof garbage can is a trash bin or some call an outdoor trash box. These come in handy if you keep your trash cans in the garage but raccoons always do the break in when the trash is put out at the curb. An outdoor trash bin is not portable and is made to be kept out by the street. The trash company opens it and removes the bags. You can also expect a large price tag on these but depending on where you live, are worth every penny. It is a one time purchase that should last many, many years. It will defiantly keep the raccoons and bears out of your garbage. You can check out all the options at Amazon here.

How Raccoons Get Into You Trash

Before getting into raccoon proof trash cans DYI, I wanted to show just how smart raccoons are. If you have ever watched one, you will notice this. You will see their actions be very thought out and always knowing what is going on around them. I’m sure you have seen the mover the The Great Outdoors. That scene with the raccoons is priceless. Check out the video below and then we move on to raccoon proof trash can DYI.

DYI Raccoon Proof Trash Can

If the above options are not what you are looking for, you may find that adding a part to your existing garbage can may be better in your situation. This is good if you are trying to keep raccoons out of your garbage but not so much bears. The goal here is to make your own raccoon proof trash can.

Needed Parts

Steps for DYI Raccoon Proof Trash Can

  1. Use your drill and drill bit sized from instructions, drill two holes in the lid of your trash can.
  2. Using a Philips screw driver bit, attach the strap to your trash can lid.
  3. Take the strap you just attached, measure length don the side of your trash can and mark the didtsance with a pencil.
  4. Retrieve the receiver clips from your parts. Using your drill, attach the clip to the of your trash can.
  5. Repeat step 4 on the other side of your garbage can.
  6. Snap in the connections from the strap into the receivers.
  7. Pull on straps to make tight.

You now have a raccoon proof trash can by DYI.

Below is a photo of what the locking lid strap option would look like:

DYI Raccoon Proof Trash Can

Tips to Keep You and Your Hunting Dogs Tick and Flea Pest Free

Are fleas and ticks giving you and your dog a hard time even though you are taking some preventive measures? If so, the following simple yet effective tips will surely help you get rid of them:

Keep Tick and Flea Free

Clean your house

The most basic step toward a flea and tick free life is cleaning your house. You want to clean your house at least once every week. Pay special attention to the carpets and couches where your pet likes to spend time. Vacuum them as best as possible. Other than that, after bathing your pet, be sure to wash his or her towel well. In addition, be sure to clean the corners as nicely as you can. Also, clean or vacuum hard to reach areas like under your bed, behind your furniture etc. Prevention is much better than having to end up calling in a flea fumigation service.

Trim the yard

Usually, fleas and ticks do not form inside the house. They come from outside, usually from the yard. This is why it is important to keep your yard in a good shape at all times. Mow the grass and trim the shrubs so that the little critters cannot live there. Other than that, discourage feral pets from coming to your yard.

Shampoo your pet

To get rid of fleas and ticks, shampoo your pet once in a while. Note, however, that it is important to take into account your pet’s age before shampooing. Read product labels carefully to know the best practices. Also, avoid harmful or very strong products as well as you can. Moreover, before shampooing, cover your pet’s eyes and ears so that water cannot get in.

Use flea products

In case simple steps do not work, you will need to look at flea infestation repellents. Usually, just spraying them on your pet should be enough. However, note that not all repellents are good. Use only those repellents that are natural and free of DEET. You can take a look at homeopathic repellents, too.

Choose professional treatment

If almost nothing seems to work, you may require the help of professionals. There are many different kinds of flea and tick removal treatments available. One of the good professional treatments is house fumigation for fleas. It works by spraying fumes in an infected area. Even though this idea should be your last resort, its importance must not be ignored. If fleas and ticks are really giving you a hard time, flea fumigation will help you tremendously.