Hunting Slingshots – The History Behind them

Since they require no real mechanism or technology to use, there is often debate as to the history of slings and slingshots so when were they actually introduced? In truth, many historians have seen evidence of slings throughout history as weapons when early man would need to hunt in order to survive. Over time, different variations of sling were used until the mid-1800s when we saw the first slingshot.

In 1839, Charles Goodyear invested vulcanized rubber and this is thought to be the starting point for the modern day slingshot. As we reached the 1860s, the weapon had gained a reputation for being a tool used for vandalism and juvenile activities. With a ‘Y’ shaped body and simple rubber strips, the weapon became a ‘do-it-yourself’ tool.

In terms of slingshots that were made commercial and available to buy, this is thought to date back to around 1918. However, they weren’t really a popular option until ‘Zip-Zip’, the cast iron model, was introduced to the market after World War II. Later in the 1940s, the National Slingshot Association was formed and newer models were coming to market including the ‘Wham-O’ slingshot.

After the formation of the association, new clubs and competitions started to take place across the United States. Suddenly, the reputation of being a weapon for juvenile delinquents was changing as four from every five sales came from men aged over 30 years.

In the fifties, the slingshots improved once again with various additions and changes including bent aluminum alloy rods that formed a brace over the wrist to give support. Furthermore, surgical rubber tubing was used in the ‘Wrist Rocket’ rather than the flat bands that had been used to that point. Since the fifties, the materials used have got stronger and there have been many features that can be added such as sights and different tools.

Due to the simple resources required to build a slingshot, they have also been used as military weapons throughout the decades. As recent as 2002, a propaganda video was released by Saddam Hussein who discussed using the weapon against invading forces. Additionally, slingshots are still used today when it comes to launching unarmed aerial vehicles (UAVs) into the sky. With two crew members as the fork, a big elastic cord will stretch between to launch the aircraft.

Of course, there are many dangers of the weapon if not used correctly and there has been much discussion over the years about their legality. In some jurisdictions, including New York, arm braced slingshots are prohibited and have been made a Class-4 misdemeanor.

As you can see, there has been many developments of the slingshot throughout time to finally reach where we are today with various different materials, sights, and additions to each model!

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A Look at the Duck Hunting App Duckr

Hunting technology has done a pretty good job over the years with staying up to date. Mostly this is due to military research, etc. One part that the outdoors field has lacked on is apps. If you look for hunting, or fishing apps for that matter, you will not come across a big selection. There are a lot out but most are lacking real features that can be used easily from one place. Other hunting/fishing apps are not reliable. So today, we will take a look at an app that is trying to step up the game in this field. It is called Duckr which is specifically designed for duck hunting though the company has plans to expand the features to include goose, deer and fishing.


So, let’s go over the features

Save, comment and share each hunting spot

duck blindWhen out scouting and find that perfect spot, Duckr has an option to save this spot. Using your GPS, you are able to save and find your spots when needed. You can leave comments on each spot like, “swampy” or how many ducks you seen while there or hunting notes. You can also share these locations with friends and other hunters (this is where we will be, see you at 6am).

So why are these options good? Well, you probably have more than one hunting spot or find potential places while out. This makes it easy to mark those spots and leave notes for type of hunting days. You could leave comments on good morning spots, etc. It is also easy to find your spots in the dark if needed. I’m sure we have all been a little lost trying to find a blind at one time or another. It is also an easy way to share exact blind locations with buddies.

Sharing photos and chat with friends

If you have had a good day of hunting, of course you want to share your kills. Duckr makes it easy to do just that. This app gives you an easy way to share photos and even chat with friends. Why is this good? Well, if you and your buddies are hunting different blinds or you just want to show ff a little, it always comes in handy. You can also send reports to friends how the hunting is.

Weather reports and

We have all been out and stuck in the rain. Duckr features weather reports and the dawn/dusk times. I know what you are thinking, there are weather apps for that and you would be correct but, just another option in one place. It is always nice when you don’t have to keep searching for apps when you can have it all in one place.

Duck sounds

I know many people will say mouth calls work best. I don’t agree or disagree with you here. I just know that has never been a gift I have had. It is a cool options to have authentic calls at the ready. The down side may be the volume you can get out of your phone but I have used deer calls that have worked like a charm. I suggest checking local laws before using this option because it is considered an electric call which is illegal in some states.

Social and groups

Duckr is a community, it makes it easy to connect with other duck hunters worldwide and local. You are able to join/create groups. Maybe you are also into hunting dogs, there is a group for that! Just another way to connect, update and get updates from other local hunters. It’s kind of like a Facebook for duck hunters.

There are other features that I did not mention that can be found on their website

So my final thoughts on Duckr

Duckr looks like it is going to be a very feature heavy app which will cut down on the need of multiple hunting apps. It is also specifically designed for duck hunters which is pretty awesome if I say so myself. I’m really looking forward to the deer hunting app since I hunt a lot of public land. So, I’m all in on this app and can’t wait for the release in the Fall of 2016.

Duckr App Photos