Camping Tips

Fun Activity Ideas To Keep Everyone Busy While Camping

If you are a camper, you know how fun and relaxing it is. We do it to get away from the real world and to spend time with people with the same mindset. For adults, we are happy sitting around with a cup of coffee in the morning and hanging out by the fire with a beer at night. If you have kids, you are probably aware where I’m coming from on this post. Kids are not as “relaxed” as us adults and to be truthful, I bet you have gotten a little bored during the day. So in this post, we are going to go over some ideas of things to do while camping.

Depending on the type of camping you do, this list can differ. We will cover some ideas for both tent/hiking camping trips along with RV campers like we are.

While RV Camping

If you are like us and RV camp, you may have a yearly campsite like us or travel and hit state parks. Either way, there are some things that you can do to keep the kids engaged and the adults happy as well.

Take advantage of what the park has to offer

Most campgrounds has activities they offer. You may be surprised when I say this but it true, most campers do not take advantage of most things at the campground.


I would have to say that 90% of parks has a pool. If camping during the summer, use it. Take the kids up every day for at least an hour or two. If the adults don’t want to swim, you can get some sun and relax. Some placed like our campground has a covered area where adults sit and have a couple of drinks while just chatting. We even have a TV where we can watch the game or race while the kids swim. The point is to let the kids have some fun too.

Crafts/Park Activities

Most RV parks and even state parks have an activity list you can get when checking in. These list all the activities going on that week. Like above, most people don’t even look at it. Yes, most are kid oriented but not all. Check it out and get involved. It gives you a chance to meet new people while the kids are doing the same.

A couple times a year we venture out and stay at a Jellystone park. They have a ton of crafts and activities all day long. If you have kids, you may want to see if there is a campground near you.

Metal Detecting

This can really be done if RV camping or tent/hiking as long as you have room to carry it. Metal detecting is not only fun for the kids, it is also really fun for adults. Who doesn’t like a good treasure hunt.

People lose things all the time while camping from rings to coins. Why not spend a little relaxing time searching for it?

If you are near woods, I can almost guarantee that not many if any has canvased with a metal detector. Metal detecting isn’t thought of much when thinking camping. I’m here to tell you that it is fun. If you happen to be camping a beach, it is really fun. People lose all types of stuff at the beach. It doesn’t have to be an ocean beach either, any place with sand and swimmers is almost a guarantee find.

The one thing I will mention about any type of metal detecting is to make sure you get at least a mid-range metal detector. Do not get a toy unless you want something for young kids to do while “helping” you. I suggest checking out, they have some good recommendations.

Scavenger Hunt

You remember as kid when adults put together a scavenger hunt for you and friends? They are just as fun today as they were back then. One of the upsides to this idea is you can do it yourself without needing the park set it up.

Your kids will meet friends while camping, why not invite those kids and their parents?

Have a bunch of fun adults? Why not put together an adult scavenger hunt? I have done these and they are fun. Nothing like tipsy adults running around acting goofy while looking for some hard to find items.


This is kind of a no brainer but if there is water around while camping, go fishing… Kids love to fish and it is easy. Grad some worms and just go. I’m sure dad will be just as happy to get a line in the water. I suggest reading our post on the best kids fishing poles.

While Hike Camping

Finding things to do while backpack camping is a little tougher. It depends on what you are into and what equipment you can take with you. However, here are a couple ideas you may not have thought about.

Enjoy Nature

Well, this is pretty obvious but think about it a little. There are other things in nature besides the view of rolling hills. Take a pair of binoculars and watch the birds. You will see many birds that you not see in populated areas. You may even see a Bald Eagle and they are BEUTIFUL!

Search For Antlers and Wildlife Markings

If you are out hiking, why not keep an eye out for deer antlers? They can be made into beautiful art and you are not killing a deer to get them. Deer shed their antlers yearly, they are all over the place, it just takes looking out for them.

Mushroom Hunt

Do you know your mushrooms? If not, pick up a small pocket mushroom guide and keep it on you while hiking. Some mushrooms are expensive and as good as steak. Many people do this every year, why not take the opportunity to find your dinner while out?

Ginseng Hunt

Have you priced Ginseng lately? It is ridiculous! If you find some that is aged, you can take them with you and make some really good money. One this that I will say it to make sure they are in season and make sure they are big enough to harvest.

Ginseng takes years and years to mature and there are some pretty stiff penalties for people not following the rules. Like above, you can get small pocket books on Ginseng, where to look, local laws, etc. But please just make sure they are in season.


No matter if you are RV or backpacking, the point is to stay busy and make sure everyone enjoys their self. You want your kids to remember good times while camping and want them to do the same with their kids when they get older.


Tips on Using a Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope for Hunting

Thermal hunting offers those who use it the interesting feeling of being the ultimate predator. With this technology, people can also hunt during the night and the prey will not be able to hide as it does during the day. This advantage makes the game more interesting and exciting, but which scope is the best thermal scope for hunting?

What Is a Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope?

The rifle scope is a great and useful instrument that helps the hunter to shoot from the distance by placing the prey in the crosshairs and simply pull the trigger. There are three known types of rifle scopes:

  • Thermal / Infrared scopes
  • Night Vision scopes
  • Normal scopes

The Difference Between a Thermal Rifle Scope and a Night Vision One

Low visibility asks for the use of a thermal rifle scope, but many people are wondering exactly what is the difference between the thermal rifle scope and the night vision rifle scope. The thermal scope is used to provide imagery through the identification of infrared light while the night vision one can only amplify the light. In a place where there is a lot of fog or dust, the night vision scope can become useless, but the thermal rifle scope does its job properly, even in these conditions. The thermal scope for hunting can also be used in areas with bright light.

The hunter can also see through thin covers, like bush and grass, and camouflage with the help of an infrared rifle scope. A thermal scope is heavier than a normal one and functions with electricity for a limited time, so one or more batteries are needed. The hunter should also check if the law and the regulations of the area offers permission for the use of a thermal rifle. The punishment can be heavy if not.

A Hunter Can Choose from Two Types of Thermal Scope for Hunting

Clip-on thermal scope – this type can transform a normal scope into a thermal one by easily placing it at the front of the normal scope. In this case, the hunter can simply detach it to use the other scope.

Stand-alone thermal scope – it is similar to a normal scope, only it has infrared. To ensure that the weapon has accuracy, the scope and the rifle need to be calibrated. However, there is an inconvenience: the fast switch between the thermal and normal scope takes time. Each change needs a re-calibration for the weapon’s accuracy.

How to Choose the Best Thermal Scope for Hunting?

The best choice there is, if the hunter is not interested in buy a cheap thermal rifle scope, refers to the military grade thermal scope, more exactly a standalone one. These are effectively the best thermal scope for hunting because they are resistant and very rugged. The best idea is to have two weapons, one for day use and for night use. Of course, if the hunter wants to be faster in moves and wants to carry less equipment, there is always the other scope type, clip-on. This type is used more by the military because everything has to go faster than in a typical hunt.

The easiest way to choose the best thermal scope for hunting is based entirely on the purpose of it. If it will be used in a tough environment and it needs to resist, the stand-alone thermal scope will be the choice. However, if there is no time to change and calibrate again and again, the clip-on is surely the right one to take.