Ways to Beat The Sun While Camping

Well, summer is in full swing and it is already hot! No one likes to be stuck in the camper while camping, it defeats the purpose. We will be back out camping this weekend and it’s going to be in the 90’s. Being that our campsite is in full sun after 1:00pm (hottest part of the day), we have tried many ways to beat it and try to stay cool.

Tent campers usually don’t have this issue, but us camper campers do.

So let’s go over some ways to beat that sun and find some ways to make being outside all day bearable.

Making Shade

If you have full shade, consider yourself lucky! I get envious when I see other campers relaxing in full shade all weekend. We picked our spot because of the water access, so we need to create our own.

Here are a couple ideas

Pop Up/Canopy Tents

We will start with what you probably already have. If you camp, have kids with sports or spend a lot of time outside, you may already have a pop up tent. These can make for some cheap free shade. If you do not already have a pop up tent, you can check out the best pop up canopy comparisons by doing a quick search online.

What we do when conditions are right is use the pop up tent next to our awning. Depending on the time of day and sun locations, you may need to adjust at times.

Tip: If you drop one side of the tent lower than the other, it will give you more control over your shade and create a larger area.


  • You may already have
  • Other uses
  • Easy to travel with for other outdoor events/games
  • Can get different types/colors/sport teams


  • May need to adjust with sun location
  • Shade area may be small depending on angle

Camper Awning Shade

Camper awning shade

They actually made awning shades for campers. They connect to your awning and tie down to the ground on the bottom. Like anything else camper related, you will pay dearly for this shade. They can be found at most local camping stores or online at Amazon.


  • Easy to install/Remove
  • Always shade
  • Doesn’t block view
  • Looks like it belongs


  • Cost
  • Has an indoor feel
  • Creates a small area


Hitch Umbrella

Photo: Pinterest (sorry we did not take a photo but will)

We found a new gadget while visiting a Walmart a few weeks ago. It was more of a pulse buy when we seen it heading to the checkout. They call it the Tailbrella. My thoughts on this are mixed. We find it to be better used at the kids baseball games or tailgating but it can be used for added shade if needed while camping.

We found ourselves using it when we needed that extra shade when we had guests. We would not recommend using this as your main source of shade but as an add on if needed. We do recommend for sporting events and tailgating.


  • Easy to set up
  • Adjustable/Tilt
  • Portable
  • People will ask about it
  • Gets the job done
  • If you fish while camping, you can use as well


  • Best used when sun is high (middle of day)
  • Vehicle needs to there
  • Shade will be offset if sun is at a large angle

Ideas For The Kids

So, mom and dad are good with sitting back and relaxing but the kids are not. The idea behind camping is making memories and that’s not going to happen if the kids are either miserable from the heat or just hanging out inside the camper.

The Pool

Okay, so this is pretty obvious but I have to mention it. Most camp grounds have pools. Use them! Load up on sun block and hit the pool for a few hours. Let them find friends and have some fun for a few hours each day.

We find that hitting the pool mid afternoon is best for us. This is when our site is in full sun. It is also the hottest part of the day. By the time they get back from swimming, the sun is settling down for the night and they are cool and worn out. Have a good dinner and they will want to relax in the evening.

Water Games

There are many different types of water games you can play with the kids. It’s not only fun, but also refreshing.

Here are a couple things you can do.

  1. Water balloons of course are always fun. Though they can be a pain to fill a bunch of them just to go through all the balloons in 10 minutes. One tip is to buy the quick fill water balloons that can be found here.
  2. They make a football that holds a water balloon. You swing it back and forth to each other and if it hits too hard, it will pop getting someone wet. My kids love this though they all want it to pop on them! I can’t find it online but I believe we got it from Dick’s Sporting Goods.
  3. Lastly, you can unhook your water hose from the camper for a bit and let the kids use a sprinkler. Some camp sites do not allow this so make sure to check. We are able to do it and love it. We actually installed a two way water connection to make it easy.

Go To The Shade

If you don’t have water options where you are staying, go find the shade on hot sunny days. A hike through the woods are not only cool, but fun! It is a teachable time with your kids. Take long walks through the woods, look for wildlife, signs animals have left and take in the beauty of nature. You can teach your children how to be quiet to respect the area and to always be alert of their surroundings.


No matter how you stay cool on hot days while camping, the most important thing is to make sure everyone is having fun. Like I mentioned earlier, you are making memories. Those memories don’t need to be of being miserable!

So how do you beat the sun while camping?

Shark Fishing in Key West

There’s nothing in the world quite like the experience of shark fishing in Key West.  This overview will give you a little taste of the incredible action.

Make no mistake about it– shark fishing is exactly as awesome as it sounds. This is especially true in Key West, which is home to an abundance of these magnificent creatures. Shark fishing is something you have to experience firsthand to understand completely. Read on to find out what to expect.

An Overview of Shark Fishing in Key West

Although you’re quite right to think that shark fishing will give you the rush of a lifetime, the image you have of it might be a little off-base. When most people think of shark fishing, a scene from a movie usually comes to mind. If it’s not a scene from Jaws, then it’s at least a vision of terror and backbreaking labor. But this isn’t how shark fishing actually plays out. Yes, there’s a lot of action involved– sharks are definitely fighters– but the experience is safe, fun, and very rewarding.

You will need the right guide, however. You’ll need a guide like one of the captains at KW Fishing Link. They have the experience, patience, and knowledge to get you to just the right spots. Their shark charters also include all the equipment and bait you’ll need to land one of these beautiful monsters. They offer a variety of shark fishing charters, but all of them include guaranteed action.

A day on a Key West Fishing Link charter will show you what shark fishing is really all about. Depending on the species, the weather, and the time of year, you can find sharks at many different depths of water. But generally speaking, Key West sharks usually gather at depths of under 20 feet. This means you’ll often be able to see the sharks swimming around the boat. That’s when your serene ocean adventure takes a slightly more thrilling turn.

Hooking a shark is just the beginning. Though Key West sharks come in a wide variety of sizes, none of them are going to jump onto your boat without a fight. The Key West Fishing Link captains will guide you through the process, but you’ll definitely have a challenge on your hands.

It’s not uncommon to land a shark weighing upwards of 100-200 pounds. Once you hook a shark, they’ll usually make a powerful beeline away from the boat. It will take endurance, patience, and coaching to reel them back in, but the reward is in the fight itself, as well as in the pride you’ll feel taking a photo of your catch before releasing it.

A Closer Look

Here is a list of some of the most commonly found shark species in Key West:

  • Bull Shark
  • Lemon Shark
  • Black Tip Shark
  • Hammerhead Shark
  • Tiger Sharks
  • Brown Sharks

There’s a lot of great information on shark fishing to be found at FKF Charters Website. In addition to details about the enormous variety of shark species swimming near Key West, the site is also packed with information about various kinds of charters.

Trusting your guide is the best way to land a Key West shark.  Contact the great people at Key West Fishing Link or The FKF Charters Website today to book the ocean adventure of a lifetime.