An Overview of Ultra Light Fishing – Tips And tricks To Enjoy The Sport

An Overview of Ultra Light Fishing – Tips And tricks To Enjoy The Sport written by: ellena9

Ultra Light Fishing is derived from the type of rods and reels that are used when fishing enthusiasts are out on the water. It is lighter and smaller in size than the regular fishing gears that most anglers use on fishing tournaments. It is a downsized version of a full sized fishing gear which yields more opportunity to catch more fish. In simple terms, it means making use of the perfect lures and ideal lines that complements the type of fish you are looking for but without the need for using a larger kind of fishing equipment.

If you are aiming for the larger variety of fish that you can catch choose sturdy equipment, but if you are aiming for medium sized ones, this is the best option to choose. Ultra light fishing gives another meaning to a dedicated angler’s quest to catch fish. What makes it an exciting sport is the wide range of fish species to catch and fully appreciate by all fishing enthusiasts.

Major Components of Ultra Light Fishing

· Rods – the ideal 5’0” and 6’0” is what most anglers prefer. Its regular length usually ranges from 4’0” up to 9’0” but a lot will swear by the ranges that fall in between. During fish catching, it bends in an illustrative fashion to supply that bolstering effect on its line.

· Reels – it usually complements the rod in an even way. It is normally designed to weigh less than 10 ounces.

· Lines- its sizes are mostly composed of the 1 lb. test up to the 6 lb. test to gain more distance when lures get thrown into the water. It serves as a precautionary measure whenever the drag on the reel is set.

· Lures – typically most anglers prefer using a smaller kind of lures when it comes to ultra light fishing method. The ideal length preferred is 1/2 inch and not beyond 2 inches more. Choose the tiny, small, and lightweight variety when you go to the shops.

Tips And Tricks

Determine the weight of the line.

It is important that you know the size of the fish you are aiming to catch. It must meet the demands of what your gear is made and capable of handling. Know the diameter line and how many pounds of fish it can be able to capture.

The size of the bait matters most.

It is the part when you will get to appreciate how different this fishing method is. Because the line matches the fish that is desired, the angler is more capable to use smaller lures and baits. The best thing about it is that the lures designed for this method is actually the same size of the prey that fishes are used to eating. It has been proven to be more advantageous and beneficial.

The right size of the gear is important.

It is one of the main reasons why most anglers prefer it. Because of the lightweight composition and not much complication in operations unlike the huge ones they are able to catch in larger quantity. Utilizing smaller rods and reels is more ideal to find the right kind of fish to catch for.

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