The Adventure of Kayak Fishing


The Kayak is a small boat or canoe that is propelled by the person it holds. He or she uses a paddler with a double blade pulling it through the water one blade at a time. It is now one of the most favored vessels used for fishing. No fuel is needed; no insurance is needed and the fisherman moves quietly through the water. This ensures that the fish are not scared away as the kayak moves into the best area to catch them.

Of course, no one can carry heavy items along in a kayak. There are a few tools the fisherman will need, however. One tool is a plier with cutters to cut the fishing line. It should be a needle nose plier to make it possible to take hooks out of the fishes’ mouth as needed. The other indispensable tool is the lip gripper. Using this one makes it easy to grab the fish from inside the kayak as it flops around. This is a sharp tool which must be treated with great care to avoid cutting the fisherman. One other piece of equipment often used by kayak fishers are fishfinders.

Fishing from the kayak can be tricky since it is such a lightweight vessel. When you are casting, you need to remember several things. Casting the line into just the right spot is necessary if you want to catch anything. Spend a little time practicing your aim and technique on land before you take the kayak out.

Before casting, point the nose of your kayak towards the direction you will be casting in. Do not cast in the opposite direction. You will tend to be successful in casting and catching fish by remembering to always cast in the same direction.

This type of fishing is growing ever more popular. One reason is because the cost is lower than other methods. A kayak is relatively inexpensive and even more so if you purchase the boat second hand. Purchasing a brand new kayak is still less expensive than buying a motorboat, for example.

When you tire of fishing, or have caught your quota for the day, paddling along and enjoying the scenery is a wonderful pastime. Enjoy the birds singing on the shore of the river, or the lapping of the waves along the ocean shore. You can enjoy being close to the water and being closer to nature than in any other boat. Plus, the paddling is relaxing and good for your health.

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