Classic Firearms 1934

The early years of firearms history can be an interesting topic to explore. I would look into what was available at the time and would sometimes be a little surprised at what was available. I will look at the time of the mid 1930s and see what was advertised.

One very interesting item would be a new Colt handgun released in 1934. It would be a new 22 single shot called the Camp Perry model. It would come with a 8 inch barrel and was designed as a target handgun. It was based on the Colt Officer Model Frame and converted into a single shot handgun. Had a flat single shot chamber with the model name on the side. It would eventually be available in a 10 inch barrel version.

 I have been in the firearms business since the early 70s and have never seen one of those Colt models. Just a very unique firearm and a great piece to have in your collection. Only made this model till 1941 and only 2488 were made.

 Another interesting firearm that was advertised that year would be the Marlin model 39. They would advertise 2 model variations in 1934. One would be for the standard ammunition of that time and the other would be for the high velocity ammo. (Model 39 H.S.) The Marlin 39 high velocity model would have the letters H S marked at the beginning of the serial number . It would be advertised to sell for $18.95 for the H.S. model at the time. The Marlin 39 would sell for 16.95. Great firearms and very desirable today and in the 1930s.

 Winchester would be advertising the new lever action rifles released in the 1930s. They would be the Model 64 and Model 65. A smooth and fast action is what they would advertise. The Model 64 would come in the 25-35, 30-30 and 32 special. The Model 65 would be the deluxe model and come in 30-30 or 32 special. Great guns of the 30s.

 The premiere big game ammo of the time would be just a handful of cartridges. The Winchester 54 and other custom bolt rifles of the time would advertise the 30-06, 270, 7mm, 250-3000, and the 25 Roderts or 257 Roberts By the end of the 1930s. These cartridges would be heavily advertised at this time and if you had the money, these were the best of that time.

 I was a little surprised at the amount of rifle scopes at the time. I think the only reason that scopes were not popular at this time was because of the money. A good rifle scope at the time would take the average worker 2 weeks pay to buy one. Weaver scopes would come on the market in the early 30s and were reasonably priced. Lyman and Mossberg would also be advertising scopes in the 30s. Hensolt, Zeiss,Unertl and Fecker would have quality scopes of that time. A scope of the period that I had never heard of is the Wollensak scope. No shortage to choose from in the 1930s.

 Another big advertiser in the firearms market at that time would be the micrometer or peep sights. Several companies would advertise their sights in the 1930s. Redfield and Lyman would be advertised in 1934. Marbles and the Pacific Gun Sight Co. would also have micrometer sights in the 1930s. These were very popular at the time and many would be installed.

 My main focus over the years are the 1950s and 60s era of classic firearms. I do enjoy the 1930s era and have an article about many more firearms of the 1930s era. You may visit that article at this link to Classic US Firearms. Enjoy the 1950s and 60s articles also.

Tips for Hunting White Tail Deer

For a dedicated whitetail hunter, nothing hits home quite like rut season. After spending all year gearing up in anticipation of the season’s new mature bucks, early to mid-November is finally here. The rut season is a time when male whitetail deer are traveling further distances in search of a mate. They are less aware of their surroundings during the rut, making them easier targets for hunters. However, that does not mean that hunting during the rut means a guaranteed trophy. We asked the top deer hunting experts for their tips and tricks on hunting during the rut and here are the top 7 words of wisdom they had to share.

  1. Golden Scrapings- When tracking deer prior to your hunt, pay attention to their scrapings. The ideal hunting period is within 5 days of Halloween, so tracking their habits now will give you a better understanding of their behavior come peak rut.
  1. Wireless Wilderness- Attach trail cams around active sights sooner rather than later. This enables you to monitor whitetail activity in an area you know they visit, without missing any action while you are gone.
  1. Utilize rope- Attach rope above a hot scraping, fray the ends, and apply gel buck lure. Do this within shooting range of your stand and watch as mature whitetail bucks revisit your site again and again.
  1. Prey on their circumstances- When starting your hunt, consider employing all matters of interaction with whitetail deer. Rattles, grunts, bleats, snort-wheezing, and sent bombs can be most effective when attracting male white tail during the rut because they are desperate to mate.
  1. Hide your scent- Rising thermals are a great way to overcome the task of hiding your scent. Set up early in the morning with rising thermals and never worry about your scent scaring off the perfect buck.
  1. Log activity- Using hunting apps such as OutdoorMetrix enable hunters to take note of deer sightings, trail pictures, and snaps. This gives a hunter the upper hand during the rut because they will be able to make more informed decisions on where to hunt based on the data they have collected.
  1. Scrape Grabber- Look for scrapings on trees or branches that are small enough to relocate. Move them within the shooting range of your stand to attract male whitetail in search of that precious scent.

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