Locating Reasonable Prices on Great Marine & Boat Products doesn’t have to be Frustrating

So, you have been boating and fishing most of your life and no doubt consider it a vital part of your lifestyle. Likely believe this leisure activity to be a part of who you are, it’s in your blood. Not only is fishing and boating a great way to relax and hang with friends and family but let’s face it, it’s a whole lot of fun.

A lot of fun, until the boat breaks down and you have to shell out the big-bucks to get her fixed and back in the water. After all, as the old saying goes… the word BOAT is not really a word at all… it’s an acronym, meaning ‘Break Out Another Thousand’. Or ‘Best Obsession After Thirty’. Or ‘Bankruptcy on a Trailer’. Or ‘Bend Over And Takeit’. You get the point. Many experienced boaters also refer to a boat or seafaring vessel as a ‘hole in the water that you throw money into’.

Not only can boating, yachting and anything marine related can be costly, but then there’s the time to locate the marine or boat parts and supplies needed. Seems so simple on the surface but not in reality.

And if you have to get someone to actually do the repairs, well, let’s just say, it compounds the issues, doesn’t it? Friend of mine’s dad had a boat named ‘Bout Two Weeks’ because he said every time he asked how long a repair would take people would tell him ’bout two weeks.

But the good / great news is locating reasonable prices on great marine & boat products doesn’t have to be frustrating. FINALLY, there is a resource for sensible and reasonable prices on a massive selection of beneficial and practical boating and yachting products, supplies, accessories and parts you will actually use. While this place has been around for nearly 17 years, they are really stepping up their game with a newly build online store.

The marine and boating store features literally thousands of products and parts, accessories and supplies so no longer do you have to wade through the meaningless and time-wasting minutia of searching websites that don’t really cater to us boaters. Heck I’ve even seen camping and prep sites trying to get into the game. 

And as far as prices are considered, ya’ just got to ask yourself why aren’t more companies offering sensible prices on marine goods? Regardless, at least the guys at Panasia Marine & Boating Products Supplies Accessories are doing so.

Hey let’s face it, marine products are often unique – to deal with the harsh conditions of being surrounding by water – and sometime salt water – often splashing directly on the item. So, it’s certainly understandable that the items would have to be encased better, be stronger, more durable, etc. yet that’s not excuse for the crazy gouging-style prices we have become accustomed to.

At Panasia Marine & Boating Products you will pay what they refer to as “sensible & reasonable prices. And while the difference can be slight to enormous, we applaud them for at least addressing the issues that we boat-lovers care about and need.

Check them out at and have fun out there!

Should I Winterize My New Boat? Yes, and This is Why

Well, it’s that time of year again in most parts of the country. Time to winterize your boats, so they are ready to go next spring when you go to fire her up. Today, we are going to cover some of the important reasons why you should not let your baby sit through the winter the way you last parked it, and why you should winterize your boat.

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Reasons to Winterize Your Boat

There are many reasons you should winterize your boat, below you will find what we think are the most important reasons.

Keeping it running well

I’m sure you know what happens when you let gas sit in anything with a motor for a long period of time. You think your weed-eater is hard to start? You don’t want the investment you put into your boat to be just as hard to start.

  1. Gas will turn sour and lose it’s “punch”. Old gas does not burn as good as fresh gas. In fact, the longer gas sits, the worse it is for your vehicle. You want to get your gas tank emptied and all your hoses drained. Not doing so, can lead to many issues including lowering the life of your motor. On top of that, gas can freeze which can expand and crack your hoses.
  2. Your carb! Gas sitting in your carburetor can run havoc on how your boat runs. Making sure it is clean when you put her down for the year will insure a quick start in the spring.
  3. There is no better time to replace old oil with new. It is important to drain your lower unit oil in the winter and replace with fresh in the spring. Didn’t use your boat much this year? It doesn’t matter, it is worth the small investment to just do it.
  4. By greasing all your electric connections and movable parts, it will protect them from the harshness of winter. You can find this grease at any Marine Supplies Store. You don’t want flaky connections while out on the water!

Keeping it looking good

It would be nice to have indoor winter storage for your boat, but most people do not have the space for this. This means that most boats are kept outdoors. And just like the summer sun, winter can prematurely age your boat in many ways.

  1. Between the sun, snow, rain and cold, your seats and carpet will pay a heavy price if not covered correctly. Keep your boat looking good and invest in a boat cover. Do not use a tarp, they are not made to breathe and will hold in wetness. Boat covers are made to let moisture out and allow everything to breathe. This will protect you against mold and sitting water.
  2. Besides covering your boat, using tire covers will allow you to get many more years out of your tires. You will notice many trailers have dry-rotted tires (cracks in them). This is caused from sitting more then being drove, by the sun and water. Making sure to use some tire shine, then covering them will make them last much longer.
  3. While speaking about your tires, another thing you may want to do is to have them either parked on a hard surface that drains, or jack them up off the ground.  Parking in grass or soft gravel will degrade your tires way faster than if you have them parked in a way that doesn’t allow standing water.
  4. Cleaning your boat now while winterizing will make sure everything looks good come spring.

The best time to fix and replace parts

Depending on how your store your boat, depends on how much you can do while it is down for the winter. If parked inside, you have all winter to tinker with it. But if you have it outside and covered, this would be a good time to do any maintenance that you have been putting off. Want to add some pole holders? This is the perfect time!

My go-to place is Marinewaze. Much cheaper than local and I save on taxes. You can check them out or give them a call at 1-800-201-1221 if you like.

The Bottom Line

No matter what your telling yourself, know that it is important to winterize your boat. Don’t be lazy and let it pass by, you will be kicking yourself in the butt next year when you’re broke down in the middle of the lake. If you have never had to ask another boater for a tow back to dock, consider yourself lucky. It is not only a buzz kill, but embarrassing!

Take care of your equipment now so you are the one being asked for help later.