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Most Important Camping Gadgets Every Camper Must Have

bf261_aToys are the most fascinating thing when it comes to my personal opinion about camping. From trail bikes to four wheeled drives, from camping in storms to camping at the beach, all hiking trips usually involve at least one or more gadgets of some sort. Gadgets are the thing which makes such trips much easier and worth enjoying.

If you are really thinking that you should go against the wild without anything, you must consider your opinion again.

“Man vs. Wild” season fans usually complain that during such trips, one must not have any gadgets to help them, instead they should face the wild all by themselves. But, have you ever seen the Bear Gryll’s famous season? Have not you seen him using that very cool survival kit with survival knife for helping him out? There are at least 5 cool gadgets, that I must classify as being important to an extent that they can be called ‘essential’ or ‘must-haves’ during any camping or hiking trip.

we10_aGPS is one of the most important technology you must have used gazillion times during your trips (along with a gps route planner), or maybe fire without lighting up matches, cooking using titanium materials, or even used Outdoor High Power LED Headlamps. Some people won’t count them to be a ‘gadgets’ but they actually are different gadgets everyone uses.

Everything is becoming intelligent and electronic, and most people spend more than 75 hours during one week in front of screen maybe it of computer or smartphone, for sake of work or just entertainment. This is of course unhealthy way of living. But this can be countered by going to camping trips, which are not only fun but also relaxes mind.

While going out in wild, priority must be to keep yourself safe. This is where gadgets come into play. They can make your trip much safer than if you weren’t having them. I usually keep my most useful electronic gadgetry with me. Below I am telling you some tools I usually keep with me during such trips.

LED Torch Flashlights–Yea, true, they don’t need additional batteries for operation and produce light most efficiently. This removes extra load of batteries you might have to pick during trip.

zm56_aSolar recharger –Electronic devices run out of power pretty soon, to counter this problem, a recharger operating using solar energy is a must-have in my opinion. 4-6 hours of sunlight is enough for charging anything up.

Night vision mono scope –For watching out here and there at night, it’s pretty handy to get one cheap version of mono scope, for having fun, you don’t need to have super expensive special ops version. Simple version would work pretty well.

Survival knife –From cutting an apple to getting out safely from zombie apocalypse, it works just about everywhere.
First aid kit –For getting first aid in case of emergency, this is certainly must have for all adventurists.

This is my list of tools, yours can be different based upon your personal tastes about camping. But keeping technology around yourself during such trips is really helpful.