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Camping Is Easy With This Great Advice

Many people like to camp to get away from the stress of their everyday lives. But, without the proper planning, your trip might not be so enjoyable. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the things that you need to do in order to make sure that your camping trip is a success.

Educate Yourself

TIP! Make sure to have adequate amounts of food and water. If your campsite is a known bear hot spot, you must ensure that your food items are not stored near where you are sleeping.

Before you go on a camping trip, educate yourself on how to identify poisonous plants. Many plants that are poisonous closely resemble the harmless vegetation that grows in wooded areas, so it’s important to be able to distinguish the differences between them. Visit a local library or book store or go online to educate yourself about poisonous plants. Once you are armed with this knowledge, you can avoid being harmed by any poisonous plant life.

Make sure you are using the correct restroom area when camping. The site may not have an actual restroom. It just has to be a sufficient space for relieving yourself. Be sure that you have remembered to pack toilet paper unless you’re planning on using whatever’s available in the wild.

Dryer lint can make great kindling for creating campfires. Several weeks prior to your trip, start gathering up everything that collects in your lint trap. Hang up a grocery bag beside your dryer and collect the lint in it. By doing this, you’ll have all the kindling you need.

TIP! What do you plan on cooking when you embark on your trip? Before leaving, you will want to know what cooking method will be used so the proper supplies can be packed. Open-flame cooking is great fun, but you need to be prepared with the right equipment to take advantage of this.

Following campground etiquette is important if you are at a public site. These rules may be simply passed on from one camper to the next or they may have them posted near the entrance. Typically, music must be turned off by 11 and you need to be considerate of your camping neighbors.

Stay safe while you camp. This includes avoiding interaction with any wildlife. Even small animals in the wild can be dangerous. Keep your food out of reach of bears at all time, and do not try to interact with them.

Carry a trail map on your person. You’ll need it in case you take a wrong turn and get lost. When you have a comprehensive map on your person, your chances of making your return to the campsite before sunset increase dramatically.

TIP! Make sure to seal the seams in your tent when you are setting it up. A handy tube is available at many sporting good stores to help you do this.

Do not set your camp near a bathroom. Many people believe this is more convenient, but it’s simply not true. Many people travel to the bathrooms, and they also have lights. Thus the strategy of camping out close to the restrooms ultimately backfires.

Take a lot of pocket and dryer lint along on your next camping trip. Lint from your dryer is a great campfire starter. Lint makes flames that burn hotter and brighter than wood. With some lint, a fire pit, and a spark, you’ll soon have yourself a cozy campfire.

Make sure that the tent you take camping has enough space for everyone you are taking along. Being stuffed into a tent can make it almost impossible to get any sleep, and you certainly do not want to be stepping on people if you have to get out during the night.

TIP! Always bring toilet paper when you are packing for your camping trip. If your campgrounds or location doesn’t have a properly installed restroom, you will need to go outdoors in the woods.

If snakes are native to your campground area, ensure your campsite is snake-proof. Stay away from brush and wood piles. Check you gear before you put it on to make sure a snake didn’t wander in. Seal your tent, and place sand or dirt along the edge to keep snakes from slithering underneath as you sleep.

Baby Wipes

Toilet paper and baby wipes are smart items to pack on any camping trip. Sure you could rough it and use the leaves as nature intended but why put yourself through that torment when toilet paper and baby wipes are readily available at your local store.

TIP! Make sure waterproof matches are in your survival kit. Store them inside an airtight container.

Remember that everything you bring along, including you and your family, will more than likely get dirty. Being prepared for this will make sure you don’t stress too much when it occurs. Have fun in nature and don’t be afraid to get dirty! You can get clean when you return home.

For a camping trip that will take a while, bring along entertainment for yourself. Books, board games, a guitar or some music are all great options to bring along.

Learn how to use a compass or read a map, beforehand. Even if you know the area well, getting lost is always a possibility. To steer clear of calamities, learning the right way to use such lifesaving tools is key.

TIP! Don’t leave your lights on all night, if you stay at a campsite near other people. There are those who allow their RV lights to remain on for the entire night.

When you decide to camp in an unfamiliar location, you should read up on any dangers that you could encounter. You should know if there are deadly spiders found there, or if sheer cliffs or flash floods occur there. Each camping spot is unique and can be dangerous in its own way.

As previously mentioned, camping can be pretty fun. Without being prepared properly, the trip can go belly-up. You should use some of the tips featured above in order to make sure that your next camping adventure is a success. Just remember to have fun!