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Stabilizing Your Shot With A Bipod

AR bipodHumans tend to move a lot, even when we don’t think we are. Every time we breathe parts of our body move as part of the breathing process. Our heart beat is one of the smallest moves in our body but it still moves us slightly. Even blinking is a form of movement. Why is knowing our movement important? Because every little movement can throw your shot off. Sure you can practice controlled breathing and timing your heart rate to help make your shot more accurate but what else can you do?

You can shoot using a bipod. Bipods are an underrated tool for law enforcement, competitive shooters, and hunters alike. Bipods allow you to better control your gun when shooting. It helps you stabilize your gun by pressing against a surface. Bipods can be found for almost any rifle, including ARs. There are tons of manufactures, some super cheap and others much better quality. I always suggest staying with quality like a Harris Bipod.

There are two main shooting positions with a bipod. The first is the most obvious, the prone position. The easiest position to shoot from is the prone position because your body is more stabilized and most of your involuntary movement is negated. A lot of ranges will not allow you to shoot from the prone position though because of the potential hazards of having to stand up with a potentially loaded firearm. Instead rifle ranges will have seats to sit at and platforms to place your bipod on. No matter which position you shoot from shooting with a bipod is a much easier option.

Harris Bipods has options for almost any type of rifle that you would want to put a bipod on. The most common option for mounting a bipod on your gun is with a rail system. With a rail system you can attach the bipod on simply by sliding the bipod on and fastening it to one of the sections on the rail system. For guns without rail systems Harris makes adapters for rifles to be able to attach and remove the bipod.

Harris Bipods has amazing new solutions for gun owners. With a typical bipod whenever you want to aim at a target that is in a different direction you would have to pick the whole rifle up and move it, sometimes moving your body in the process. Harris Bipods makes bipod adapters that will enable your bipod to be able to truly rotate. That means that you can swivel your gun around without picking it up and without moving your body.

The more traditional bipod made by Harris Bipod, the Series “M” will make it easier for anyone who is hunting or in a law enforcement position and needs to rapidly set up their rifle. The Series “M” bipod is spring loaded so that it can be deployed rapidly. With the push of a button you can drop your bipod and stabilize your rifle if you have to take a quick shot.

If you are someone who is truly interested in having the most accurate shot possible consider getting a bipod for your rifle. Harris Bipod is a great source for rifles whether they be an AR style or not. They also have adapters for shotgun magazine tubes to be able to mount a bipod on your Remington shotgun. Support for more shotguns is on the way too.