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Kids Fishing Poles-What Is The Best For Your Child

One of the best ways to teach kids about wildlife and to respect the environment is to spend time with them outdoors. There are many ways you can encourage children to relax and enjoy the outdoors, but fishing is probably one of the oldest and most honored traditions.

Fishing with your child creates memories that will be cherished forever. Some of the best conversations can be had sitting in a boat, in the middle of a quiet lake, waiting for the fish to bite. Another upside for kids is when they do get that bite! Such excitement! These are things your child will never forget.

If a child has never gone fishing before, the first thing they will need is their own kids fishing poles and/or fishing kit. There are many different products geared specifically towards children, and letting a child choose something with a style/design that excites them makes the entire fishing experience that much more enjoyable.

List of Kids Fishing Poles

SHAKESPEARE makes a line of kids fishing equipment that has the licensing of many popular brands that children will recognize, like Barbie, Disney Princesses and Tinkerbell Fairies (for the girls), or Star Wars, Spiderman, or Ironman (for the boys). If you have decided on a “themed” pole, then you may want to check out these items that have garnered a lot of positive reviews:

This kit comes with a 2ft 6” all-in-one rod and reel with fishing line as well as a matching tackle box. Reviews show that this is a good quality product and a very reasonable price.

This 2ft 6” all-in-one rod and reel with fishing line comes with a practice casting plug.

Another popular item for kids is the ZEBCO SPINCAST FISHING COMBO WITH TACKLEPAK. This is a 5-foot 6-inch two-piece rod and a Zebco 202 reel. The reel comes pre-spooled with 10-pound mono-filament line. This item is popular for first-timers because it is an uncomplicated rig that is easy to set up and helps children master the art of casting more quickly. The quality construction explains why it is a bit pricier than its plastic counterparts but reviews show that most are more than happy for having spent the extra money.

When it comes to kids and first-time fishing experiences, the art of casting is what generates the most frustration. For this, you might want to try the KID CASTERS JIMMY HOUSON NO TANGLE FISHING ROD. The pre-tied snap swivel prevents the line from twisting and it has 34” of no-tangle fishing line.

KID CASTERS also makes a fishing kit that includes a rod and reel, tackle box, casting plug, safe hook and training lure. This includes a 29.5” youth size rod and 3 sponge fish training lures that instantly transform into large colorful sponge fish after being cast in to the water. This will help kids cast and reel their “fish” in over and over again!

kids fishing poles

A popular beginner’s item that will grow with your child is the SOUTH BEND WORM GEAR SPINNING FISHING COMBO. This is a lightweight unit (will catch fish 6-14lb) and is 5ft 6” long. It features an EVA handle, ball bearing drive and vented graphite spool.
If you are looking for a medium action rod/open face reel, then try the GONE FISHING CHILD’S SEMI PRO FISHING ROD SET. This set includes a lightweight rod (62.5” long), a bobber, sinker and hooks.

There is a popular medium action spin cast combo unit available from SOUTH BEND NEUTRON that has gotten good reviews. This 2-piece fiberglass rod is 5ft 6”, has ceramic guides and an EVA Handle. As with other beginner rods, it is light weight and easy to use.

One of the more unique kids fishing poles on the market is the POCKET FISHERMAN 6 BY SMALL WORLD TOYS. It has a unique style and is very different from the traditional fishing pole. These kids fishing poles is extendable and adjustable and can be attached to a belt (which is fun for the fisherman who needs to hike a bit to his favorite fishing spot!) This pole is set and ready to go; simply press the button to extend the fishing pole. All you’ll need is a hook or a bait and, since the handle also works as a mini box for lures and hooks, you will be all set!

With so many makes and models on the market today, the choice may see overwhelming. The best thing to do is include your child in the decision making. Go over the options of each product and explain the pros and cons of each. This is a good way to get them excited for the fishing adventures that are soon to come! Now, go find a kids fishing poles for your children!